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Miss & Mrs Persona of India finally took its first step

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so the quest to Discover a New You begins. With the blessings of Lord Ganesh, my dream came to fruition. Launched on 18th dec under the grandiose chandeliers of Regency Ballroom of Hyatt Regency Kolkata, in the gracious presence of our grand jury and eminent guests of our society, Miss & Mrs Persona of India finally took its first step, the beginning of a long walk for a cause while we each try, introspect and realize the ways we can Discover a New You.

From sales to corporate to being Mrs India Divine Diva in 2019,Empress of the Nation from being a trained classical dancer to a photographer, feelance Pageant coach to fashion Choreographey &runway direction, forming my own company A New You Events in March 2021. And in just 9 months time of forming my company, my own pageant Miss & Mrs Persona of India was launched in a grand manner.  My long and eclectic journey has been fraught with many crests and troughs. When, on the evening of 18th Dec, I saw my own pageant launched successfully at Hyatt Regency, I realized what it means when dreams would come  true. What transpired that night was not success or pride but the sense of feeling blessed that I could keep up to my own promise.
I have the satisfaction of delivering on my words. I helped to discover a new you from within yourself and thus I had a 72 yr old lady from mumbai, a 46 yr old housewife, an advocate, a teacher, a team lead from IT, a nurse and a 20 yr old girl. In each I found something special. The reason of their was no bar of age,  height or complexion .
I also take pride in living up to my promise of walk for a cause. They were not empty words. Those words were put to reality. I took the opportunity to give back to our society by giving a complete free entry to a very talented girl having no financial strength to participate – a 4 days all inclusive stay, food,mentorship, grooming designer outfits and all other facilities that the other participants got. She has also been crowned as our Miss & Mrs Persona of India Shining Star. And it prides me to say that we already have been contacted by a true samaritan of our society to help and sponsor the girl so that her dreams could be fulfilled.
My heart is filled with joy and happiness as I could provide a platform to all these special contestants for moving ahead in life with dignity, confidence and integrity.
My contestants, a very huge congratulations to all of you for your grand success and the success of our pageant. Your hard work had paid off. You have seized the opportunity and gave your best on the stage. And if you have been able to discover a new you within yourself then do continue the good work that our pageant intends to carry on in future. You all are winners. You all are my treasures. My constant guidance and support with be there for you all the time. Its a promise. Once again best of wishes.
To all my friends and well-wishers, you are my pillars of strength. I could not have done this without your constant encouragement and support. My best wishes to all of you for your  success and prosperity. Thank you all for being with me throughout.
I conclude by saying that it had been a tremendous journey last few months. When the determination is strong enough and the will is unadulterated, nothing can stop one from achieving their goal. Goodwill will always prevail. The jouney has just begun. We will see all of you soon.
One last word. To my associate partner Samaroh Ventures, I would not have been here had you not been with me. The biggest credit goes to you. For once, let me say – Thank you for everything, partner. God bless you.
Signing off,

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