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Modeling sensation Richa Mehta rules with her 3 years in the industry

“We’d never know how high we are till we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky”- Emily Dickinson

Success is bound to touch the feet of those who dare to fuel their dreams with hardwork and excellence. A versatile and charming personality, Richa Mehta is one such individual, who, in a short span, has made a mark with her breathtaking endeavors.

Having completed 3 stellar years in the modeling and acting industry, Richa is known as a Page 3 celebrity and has amassed a massive fan following while being the top choice of various brands today.

The celebrity has endorsed over 300+ brands in 3 years and is renowned for being the “Global Brand Face”. An inspiration to many, Richa has won many awards nationally and internationally for her commendable contributions across fields.

Her modeling career has taken her to be an ace global brand promoter, entrepreneur and event curator and has enabled her to be known as the youngest achiever in various fields. Such overarching success is a result of her nimbleness, agility, personality and a will to prove her mettle in whatever field she sets in. Richa is a familiar face across several TV commercials, Video Songs, Digital Ads, Print shoots and has graced the ramp for many celebrated designers.

A multi-faceted personality, Richa is a familiar face in India and globally for her group of  companies which are leading in the world of Fashion, Business networking and Public Relations. As a brand ambassador, Richa is representing one of the leading real estate groups called the “Ram Rattan Group ”. Another magnificent title she holds is that of being the Global Brand Ambassador of premium brand Regaliaz . Speaking on the same, Richa says in a statement, “I feel overjoyous to be able to be a face for brands and provide goodwill to them. When I look back, my journey has been challenging yet extremely fulfilling. I am extremely elated to be able to bring an impact and give something back to the society which has enabled me to touch the sky”.

An entrepreneurial success, through her venture LuxuryDot.PR, Richa has curated many events and has led promotional campaigns for firms nationally and internationally. An active social media celebrity, Richa has an enchanting presence across media platforms. Believer of altruism, Richa worked relentlessly during the pandemic to be a harbinger of positivity and motivation by being the host for the popular chat show, “Trending Live with Richa Mehta”.

She has successfully done over 100 plus chat shows with celebrities, business tycoons, brands icons which have received appreciation across social media platforms with chartbreaking views. In the same spirit, Richa also hosts her brainchild, “Ear To Hear” initiative which is a social endeavor to empower and voice opinions towards the mental health of females. Undoubtedly, Richa is a living inspiration who strives to be a change maker and an epitome of beauty, vision and passion.

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