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Sonali Dalvi, marked her way into modeling and films

A charmer of the theaters, Sonali Dalvi, marked her route in modelling and movies. An aspiring lady is ready to plunge into the world of acting. The theatrical journey of this Pune based aspirant started as role playing in theaters of Pune and finally moved to Mumbai. From the stepping stone of Mumbai theaters eventually rolled to modeling and movies. Her zeal to show her ability from a performer to an actor shows the thrive to be on the screen. At the mere age of 20, she is currently the Brand Ambassador of Glamocity Clothing Private Limited, Mumbai. Peeling her onion shell slowly, act after act, she is becoming confident of her portrayal on the camera. Her waking up everyday with ‘lights !’, leaving the bed with ‘ camera !’ and preparing ownself with ‘action !’, sums her up. This young girl played the lead in the Marathi movie “Virangana” however, has the ability to be on the national front. A soft spoken youngster soon to be the ‘young star’.



Her cat-walk on the ramp wasn’t always a cake walk. Ever Since a child, she was attracted to the television screen. She not only saw the visual on the screen but a future for her as well. Lack of being exposed to the net, she practised walking on the ramp in her room. As a B.B.A graduate, she became the second runner up in Mr & Mrs Pune. With this she got her first exposure. Not losing hope, she soon became the top awardee in the ‘Best Smile’ category of Mr & Miss Red Carpet. Soon after with some professional guidance, followed the path to curve herself through theaters in Pune and Mumbai. From side cast to main lead within a couple of plays was remarkable. She tried to grab maximum knowledge about acting from theaters. During this time she shifted to Mumbai from Pune. Spotted from theaters, she stepped on the ramp. Her ramp walk became steady on her career walk as well. She’s chosen as the Brand Ambassador of Glamocity Clothing Private Limited, Mumbai. Her equal command on Hindi, English & Marathi became the cream in this cake walk. ‘Wait’ became a word in her dictionary as she signed her debut Marathi movie “Virangana” as the lead. Her theatrical efforts seemed guided towards perfection. A talent not hereditary but sheer self efforts, struggle and zeal needs to be on the nation screen. We already have teens and early twenties with the entire family or someone in the dynasty related to movies. We are a country of 135 crore, yet get to view real actors very rarely. Keeping in mind that acting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but considering the population, is it really too hard? To some acting is inherent but actors can be created provided how much zeal and thrive the person has. Living in the real world and working in a hoax isn’t equal for all. To create the difference and equilibrium between the two is part and to some extent heart of an actor.

Being part of a created parallel universe and convincing the audience of it being real is acting. Sounds easy but a humongous job. People dream of dreams coming true however, some dream of making a dream world come true to the audience. They are the actors. It becomes true through eyes and ears and finally connecting to our heart, mind and soul. Audiences react and this reaction is the remuneration of an actor first, followed by the director and his team, technicians, etc. In today’s world people are familiar with this hoax called cinema but knowledge is none to nil. New entries from movie backgrounds know much in competition to newcomers like Sonali. For such aspirants, it is taking a chance with confidence and command on the skill called acting. Prior to acting, knowledge of projecting oneself in front of a direct audience and camera. Followed by expressions, voice modulations with appropriate situations, remembrance of dialogues with the correct intonation, many things more, all consisting of acting. Sonali has the skill, awaits more furnishing. In the mine of actors, there is both coal and diamond. Raw diamond is going to be always ignored as it seems like an ordinary stone. Like it’s popularly said in Hindi ‘ Only a Jeweller can test and carve a diamond’. Sonali needs that jeweller to test and carve her into a diamond. She has proved herself in this short span of time however, this is only the start of a new beginning. So, Sonali won’t tell any tale, she’s here to enact, to act.

                                                  After the Corona epidemic, the movie world is ready to entertain the audience once again.  A few days ago, a poster of the Marathi movie “Vijayi Bhav” was flashing on social media and elsewhere.  The film is directed by renowned directors Shailesh Patel and Atul Soni and is directed by Kirtan Patel. The film stars Sonali Ramesh Dalvi, Jagdish Chavan in the lead roles and co-stars Pooja Jaiswal, Jagdish pawar ,vikram mehta  And others. The film is being screened all over Maharashtra on May 20.  All the songs of this movie are being screened on Zee Music Company. Directed by Shailesh Patel and Atul Soni, the film is a fiery and socially conscious film that has brought a great film to the audience this year.

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