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Teacher’s Day: Meet Delhi-Based Educationist, “Piyusha Sharma” who thinks outside the box

Teacher’s Day: Meet Delhi-Based Educationist, “Piyusha Sharma” who thinks outside the box

By: Bhavna Singh










Delhi-based Piyusha Sharma is an accomplished   Economics  & Hindi Teacher. She is one of the most Famous Educationists in India with experience of over 3 years in managing and leading education institutions, new academic ventures, education policy formulation, and change management across multiple locations in India and abroad. Experienced in overall management, operations, administration, infrastructure, HR, training, and development.

This week we introduce you to Delhi based educationst Piyusha Sharma .

Piyusha Sharma is among the top educationist in India possessing sound knowledge of curriculum development, teacher training, and understanding of institutional developments from inception to management, administration, affiliation, academics, and public relations. Specialize in creating curriculum specifications of all boards; CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE.

1) Piyusha Sharma why you choose to  become an educationist?

Ans.  Becoming a teacher means you’ll be molding future generations through the curriculum you set and bits of personal wisdom you impart. You’ll have the ability and power to teach life lessons as well as core subjects.When it comes down to it, teaching is much more than just a way to get a paycheck.

Teaching is one of the noblest professions to ever exist. It is ideal for dreamers who wish to see their nation grow and advance. The ones who enable great teaching are educators. They impart quality learning to students and prepare them for the future, both professionally and personally.

I surely love my job as a Teacher and I will continue to inspire thousands of future educationist globally.

2) what are your future goals in terms of your career growth?

Ans.  As teachers, we all want to grow — that’s why we like to make professional development goals for ourselves. Goals help to keep us in check and lead us to self-improvement. I am planning to go for international education in Spanish and hope to give my teaching services in esteemed schools across middle east and north America.


3) How actively you are contributing towards upliftment and betterment of other women around you?

Ans. As any developing nation would agree, sustainable economic growth is unthinkable without women empowerment, and measures for gender inclusion is the driving factor of social progress and economic growth. Likewise,  I have been part of plethora of NGOs, social groups and charitable organizations. I dedicate my weekends towards organizing women campaigns and food distribution drive of sections of weaker community. Thereby , doing my bit for these upliftment of these communities.



4) what loopholes you have come across as being an Economics & Hindi Teacher in Indian education system.

Ans.K-12 education is at inflection point. Schools, education boards, start-ups & governments are all focused on how to provide quality education across the globe. Some countries such as Finland, Norway, Sweden, Singapore have figured out extremely relevant solutions to the education problem.

  • Our education system rewards for scoring more rather than better understanding. A student who mugs up early in life may end scoring more than a child with better understanding encouraging the one who mugged to do more of it and discourages the one who actually understands better.
  • The education methodologies and curriculum still belong to an era when India needed to produce a large number of clerks and services professional. This age old curriculum is not keeping up with the age we live in creating a huge disparity between what is actually taught and what actually needs to be taught.

5) At last, what will be your final words for people whom you will continue to inspire.

Ans. I found that the more I gave, the more I got. This was not in terms of material gains which my job as a teacher could offer to me but spiritual happiness. I got to experience this when I interacted with my students. Surely, My story is one of true resilience, determination and testmony to the fact that no dream is too far if a person gives their all to chase it.

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