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Southeast Asia’s biggest football conclave held in India 

Adv Rajaram dalvi a former player at sports authority of India he serves as Trusted Celebrity Consultant and he has been Internationally acclaimed and bestowed upon a number of honours during his social service and he has taken a noble initiative to revive sports culture in the state and spread unity and harmony and legal literacy through sports activities under program Khelo India Movement for Peace.
For him best thing about sport is,that it stands above everything and it boasts the ability to bring countries, cultures,men,women, Trans, young children, veterans,abled, disabled, everyone together under one roof through a shared love for the sport and reduces the likelihood of discrimination and sexism and racism
He believes Football is a beautiful game it can play in the backyard, in the park or even at the beach or on a terrace and  it’s a great sport for all ages and it is nothing but an emotion that is why the football has been very close to his heart.
According to him Vijay Barse from Maharashtra Founder slum soccer is the world’s best role model off the field.
Global soccer conclave will not just give him a warm greetings, learnings,and networking but also give him wings to fly by connecting him with Football/Soccer for life.  Southeast Asia’s biggest football mahakumbh edition 3 has been the greatest honour of his life and
He expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards the organising committee of  the conclave and honarable guests and respected speakers and  sponsors and all members who are responsible towards having a great event experience.
A galaxy of dignitaries including Honarable all India football federation President Shri Kalyan Chaubey and Honarable Henry Menezes and  experts and luminaries from the field of sports across the globe shared their knowledge and experiences and innovations and discussed wide range of topics which would help developing knowledge and understanding of football and it’s contribution to India.

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