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story of a mother named Devamita Goswami

 This is a story of a mother named Devamita Goswami who fought for her dreams despite having all the social odds against her and won. This might sound pretty normal as a lot of women doing the same thing. This is no special, as we know little spark can burn a whole jungle hence sharing this story with you so that if this story can inspire atleast a minimum number of mothers all around us who’s fighting against all the odds and building an empire,home,shelter for OTHERS of her own or maybe not at a cost of her own dreams.

Coming from a creative family she has started her career at a very early stage of her life with dancing then gradually she got a chance in TV serial called Kundo Phool er Mala and from that she has appeared in many other serials with several production houses. She worked in music videos & web series of Zee Music, Adda times etc. She has been a face of Priyodorshini Magazine, worked for brands like Priyo Gopal Bishoyi, Naina Jain, Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal, Agnimitra Paul, Tejas Gandhi, she has been a face of Nabakallol magazine for many years. With this heavy work load she got married and covid happened and the world around her got up side down like everyone and then she got blessed with a baby boy and had to take a break from her dream career due to her health and the responsibility towards her child. In the meanwhile she was so much occupied with raising the child, all the house holds works like cooking, taking care of the things around. At a point of stage she was about about to give up on her dreams & her career, that is when the opportunity comes for the audition for Mrs India Supermodel International 2022 and then she was mother of just a 5months old baby boy. She decided to give life a second chance to start a fresh. She started working upon her with the help and support from her husband & her family to get back to proper shape and flexibility to compete for this national level beauty pageant. And yes she got selected for the finals and she’s the only one who got selected from West Bengal. After two months of hard work and dedication along with every other household responsibilities and child responsibility she went to Jaipur to compete for the finals in front of judges like Prince Narula(Roadies), Rohit Khandelwal (Former Mr India) and many more respective judges from the industry and successfully won the titles of Best Catwalk, Best Talent(Dance) and 1st Runner’s Up of Mrs Supermodel International 2022.

This win is for all the mothers who are still in doubt what to do with their life, whether they should compromise on their life and go ahead with all the responsibilities or they should choose both.
Devamita speaks of Both, cause both the sides are equally important for an individual in life. and when it comes to individuality, self care is much more important. If you can make yourself happy then you can make others happy as well.
To the mothers “Don’t give up on your dreams, giving up on your dreams means giving up on yourself. So don’t.”
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