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STORY Rupam Johri

Rupam Johri, a resident of Haridwar, is a single mother of three kids. She has an autistic son, Anchal, and two younger daughters, Aaniya and Antra.
She has lived a life of a Bollywood thriller movie.
She was wedded at a tender age and had a son soon after.  Her husband was a raging alcoholic who often indulged in domestic violence. And her son, Anchal was diagnosed with Autism, which is a neurological behaviour disorder.
It seemed like all was dark in her life. Left alone by friends and relatives, she had nothing but herself  for support. She was determined to be her own light in this world, and trust in God.  She had two more daughters, so after working all day with them, she would stay up all night to study for her son. She worked not only on her kid but all special children in Haridwar.  She has been working with them for past 20 years now. She has taken several trainings in Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Behavioural impairments.
                   Today, after 27 years of diligent efforts, her son has speech, and is doing modelling for living. He has featured in ads on Amazon. He has been a showstopper for a fashion show.
                        She is a recipient of many awards and certificates. Not just in Haridwar but people from across India has appreciated and honoured her for her work.
Rupam’s work is still not finished.
After working so many years on her children, now she wants to do something for herself. Her passion for arts and theatre has her reaching for movies and tv serials. She is an aspiring actress.   She has done years in ballet and theatre. She is a trained Kathak dancer as well.
Rupam Johri is an inspiration to many. She believes in never giving up on life, no matter how tough a situation is.
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