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Jupiter transit in Aries  22 April 2023- 1 May, 2024

Jupiter transit in Aries  22 April 2023- 1 May, 2024
Jupiter ,the planet of abundance & fortune will change luck of all zodiac signs.Jupiter transit duration is for one year in a Zodiac sign.
However, its effects on different for all Moon signs Jupiter is transiting in Aries from April, and it is a friendly sign for Jupiter.
Mars rules Aries. Mars and Jupiter are considered to be friendly planets. So, Jupiter is a natural benefic planet and transiting through its friendly house will give good results for most of the Rashis.
Effects on all Rashis can be seen from your Rising sign & Moon sign
Aries:For Aries , Jupiter will transit in 1 house which will be quite advantageous. Jupiter is friendly to the sign of Aries.  Various positive outcomes will occur for you throughout this time. Your chances of getting married will be higher.
You are likely to gain weight but people will find you very attractive & influential.
Jupiter will transit in your 12 house of expenses & foreign connections.Its not a favourable transit ,you have to incur more expenditure on your health & home .Chances of unexpected or unplanned foreign travel is on the cards.
Jupiter is going to transit in your 11 house of gains,hopes  & income
New sources of income will open for you through your Networks & connections.
You may get much awaited proposals.
Jupiter will Transit in 10 house of profession & reputation for the cancer natives.Your respect and reputation will see a rise .
Addition of a new family member is possible or you will buy a new home
Jupiter transit in your 9 house, you will be successful at this time in religious endeavors. Along with this, luck will be with you 100 percent, and advantages will come quickly. You will also take travels during this time which will be very fulfilling.
For higher education & knowledge this transit will support you .Advice of your guru or elders will prove to be very helpful for you .
For those born under the sign of Libra, this transit will turn out to be quite significant. Due to Jupiter’s beneficial influence, you will experience numerous fortunate outcomes during this time. Your business will develop and grow significantly during this time. You will  enjoy pleasant & fulfilling marriages.
Jupiter will transit in your 6 house that will bring some challenges in your workplace.Finances during this period will get affected.You might suffer from health ailments & Enmity with others will increase. There will be more hard work, and physical activity will increase. This is the time to learn through experience.
Jupiter will transit in your 5 house of children , happiness & education.If you are planning for a child ,go ahead
You will be blessed with parenthood.
Sagittarius natives who have children will be happy with the progress of their children. For people who have affection or love for someone, this is the ideal time to tell them about this affection.
You will have a good time to spend with your friends. There will be many get-togethers or parties you will be attending. You will get good gains.
Jupiter will transit in 4 house.
You will spend more time with your family & mom .
Your concentration will be at your home more so your work will get affected.You need to balance your professional & personal life.
Some change of residence is also possible during this time as you will gain property .
Jupiter will transit in 3 house
Will give you positive results  Relationships with your siblings , neighbors ,friends will get better. There will be a lot of affection and love from all. You will see confidence within you. Strength and bravery will be seen.
You will have a lot of invites from everywhere
Your interest in your  hobbies will expand & you will learn new skills & knowledge during this transit
Jupiter will transit  in your 2 house .Your financial money flow will increase. There can be a chance of promotion. People in business, your income will increase. You can expect abundance during this transit.There will be an expansion in business, and if you are an office employee, then your workload will increase. It’s a good time to showcase your talent. You will get a lot of support during this transit.
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