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Krittika Chawla

Krittika Chawla exudes the will and the energy to do a lot. She is infused with such clarity and peacefulness that the upshot cannot be anything short of perfection. Born in a family of entrepreneurs, business is second nature to Krittika Chawla, the eldest child of the Chawla family. She started her career with her
family business, the popular and trendsetting ‘Fun ‘N Food Village’ (Polo  Amusement Park Ltd), in 2005 after graduating from  Griffith University Queensland, Australia. ‘Coming from the Namdhari community, I was sent to a spiritually inclined boarding school, Akal Academy, Solan. I later graduated high school from G.D. Goenka School, Delhi. In my quest for adventure and to try something different from my family business, I opened my own makeup studio, “Koko By Krittika”, where I pursued my interest as a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist. I pursued this business successfully before moving to Canada. In between launching her own venture and finally joining her family business, Krittika undertook jobs to understand the ground realties of a working life.
 She is currently handling another venture of the family business, Shapeskill, which delves into the world of 3D products. Having done her post-graduation in business management from the University of Wollengong, Australia, she now handles the marketing division for Shapeskill in Vancouver. ‘My story is built on simple occurrences of life, but each instance never ceases to inspire me. My biggest guide has been my grandfather who built a large empire. I learnt traits of the family business from my uncles and my father. In fact, my father always said that it had taken him fifteen years to learn what I could learn in just two years. He propelled me to absorb as much knowledge as possible, coupled with the keen awareness that every age has its own understanding of things. In the end, everything needs to come together in harmony, in a beautiful confluence to create something that can impact lives.’ ‘My family has played a vital role in my life and has always acted as my biggest and strongest support system. When in doubt, I have always had knowledgeable and intuitive people around to guide me.’ She strongly believes that there are situations in life that requires one to take their own decisions. That’s one of the toughest times one can go through, however, it is also the time when I connect with myself at a deeper level and let my instincts guide me. I believe instincts are your most powerful tool. Believe in them and it will guide you in correcting your mindset and changing your thought patterns towards the positive.’ Having achieved so much in such a short time has made Krittika a lot more humble than she used to be. The higher she soars, the more rooted she becomes. ‘You see, every now and then, we have an opportunity to learn from anyone and everyone around us. This includes the people we work with everyday. The new friends we make on different occasions. It is on us how we take every opportunity positively, to add good things to our lives. But, most importantly, we should believe in and love what we want to do in life; and everything else takes its own course. Never stop believing in the attitude of “I CAN”. It’s important to remember that everyone has a journey they need to experience. Each person has their own trajectory, so never compare your worth. This is very valuable for the youth of today, who are subjected to extreme levels of social pressure.’
With this, Krittika brings out a very vital facet of the business world. ‘Usually, in a business family, it is mandatory for the children to take over the business and carry the legacy forward. Being someone who joined the family business, I strongly feel that this trend should not prevail anymore. Exercise your right to have the free will to decide. It’s important to focus on your strengths and passions. ‘There is a need to highlight what we need to give to our youth as well. India’s growth is so powerful right now with infrastructural improvement that the future certainly is positive. There is a requirement for proper schools and hospitals, however, and we need to take care of that. Yes, for that to happen, we need better labour laws. We need to create more jobs for women to join the workforce. Given the correct conditions for growth and development, this section alone carries the force to turn things around for India.’ Krittika comes back to illustrating how following one’s heart can propel the youth to change their own destinies and that of the country as well. ‘As Indians, we have come a long way in supplying doctors and IT technicians to the world. Now it’s time we look at the other dimension to grow. We should focus on producing more sportsmen and creative directors in India. With a population like ours, we should take this advantage to hunt for such talent. India needs to follow its heart and the world will follow India.’ Krittika’s vision is a simple one. Just like her own life story. Yet, her impact is a lasting one. Very much like her life story again. Before young India dives in to create its careers, it needs to pause, rethink, reset and redo. And it needs to know that it’s okay to do that.
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