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Social inclusion is important for aperson’s dignity, security and opportunity to lead a better life

Diversity and inclusion are the need of the hour. Social inclusion is important for a person’s dignity, security and opportunity to lead a better life. Indian Women in Dubai has effectively taken up this cause to another level. They have supported the people of determination by providing them a platform to showcase their talents.

Every woman is a warrior, she stands for her child and fights all adversities, and if she is a mother of a person of determination, she emerges stronger in every battle. The Indian women in Dubai in association with the Indian counsulate celebrated the International womens day on March 3rd 2023 with some strong mothers.  They have supported and is supporting their children with special abilities by giving them wings to fly.

Below poem written and narrated by Ms Nisha Tandon depicts what the mothers went through. The mothers who emoted this on stage with their kids were Ms jinu rachel john, Ms gayatri shankar,  Ms Neena Raina  and Ms Shyna ajith.

Children: Johanna jerry Thompson, Anoushka tandon, Twaritha shankar, Varun raina,  Akhil Ajith.


जग ने माना कुछ जुदा तुझे

इस बात से क्यूँ परेशान हूँ मैं

यही तो है दस्तूर जहाँ का

फिर क्यूँ इतना हैरान हूँ मैं


एक हसीन जहान माँगा था मैंने

पर दुआ कहाँ इतनी भी क़बूल हुई

यही तो बस गिला था मुझको

क्या मुझसे कहीं कोई भूल हुई ?


तू है मेरे जिगर का टुकड़ा

औरों के प्यार से मरहूम रहा

समझा नहीं इस बात को कोई

कि तुझसा कोई मासूम कहाँ


आँखों से बहता अशकों का सागर

इस दुनिया के रुख़ से बेज़ार हूँ मैं

फिर भी लड़ती हूँ तेरी ख़ातिर

क्या महज़ कोई गुनहगार हूँ मैं?


बहुत ही मुश्किल दौर है ये

घोर अँधेरी राहें लगती हैं

कैसे करूँ मैं हिफ़ाज़त तेरी

मेरी ममता इस बात से डरती है


हर रोज़ नई कसौटी पर उतरी

तक़दीर ने हर पल इम्तिहान लिया

टूट कर बिखरी मैं कितनी दफ़ा

फिर आख़िर नया मक़ाम मिला


ठान लिया मैं तेरी ख़ातिर

इस दुनिया से लड़ जाऊँगी

मिटा दो चाहे तुम हस्ती मेरी

पर लौट के मैं फिर आऊँगी


तू तो है परछाई मेरी

तेरी ढाल मैं बन जाऊँगी

तू है नहीं कम किसी से

इस दुनिया को बतलाऊँगी


अस्तित्व पर मेरे उठे सवाल

जग ने तुझको दरकिनार किया

बस तेरे वजूद की ख़ातिर तो

मैंने हर बाधा को पार किया


माना है मुश्किल जीवन की राहें

और थक कर चूर कभी हो जाऊँगी

बुलंदी को छू लें हौसलें मेरे

ऐसा ख़ुद में जुनून जगाऊँगी


बस इतना रखना तू याद सदा

कि तेरे कदम जब भी डगमगायेंगे

मैं बन जाऊँगी वो पंख तेरे

जो तुझे आसमान से परे ले जाएँगे



The world considered you something different

Why am i worried about this

This is the custom of the world

Then why am i so surprised

I had asked for a beautiful world

But the prayer was not answered

This was my only complaint

Did I make some mistake ?

You are a piece of my heart

Deprived of the love of others

No one understood this

There is no one as innocent as you

Ocean of tears flowing from eyes

I am hurt by the attitude of this world

I still fight for you

Am I some culprit?

This is a very difficult phase

The paths look dark and dreary

How can i protect you

My motherly instinct is afraid of this

Every day I faced a new trial

Fate tested me every moment

How many times have I fallen apart

Finally I found my destiny

I decided for you

I will fight with this world

Even if you destroy me

I will come back yet again

You are my shadow

I will be your shield

You are second to none

I will convey this to the world

Questions were raised on my existence

And the world bypassed you

Just for the sake of your existence

I overcame every obstacle

I believe that the path of life is difficult

And someday I will be tired

May my spirits touch the heights

I will instill such passion in myself

Just remember this always

That whenever your steps will waver

I will become your wings

That will take you beyond the sky

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