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How To Develop Interest In Studies

 Dr. Madhvi Borse
Founder of (Edutainment Spoken English and Smart Classes)
Renowned Educationist, Soft Skills Trainer, PD Mentor, Professional Online English Coach, Writer, State President of Rajasthan at Beti Ek Lakshya Foundation, National Secretary of NCWDC, Philanthropist, Honorary and Peace Ambassador; International Speaker; from Jaipur will give a webinar on the topic,
How to develop interest in studies!
Atal Bihari Vajpayee Trust, Abhav Foundation is organizing 262nd one-day national webinar.
Date: May 18, 2021.Time: 5:00 pm,
no registration fee: hurry up.
 Let me tell you that Dr. Madhvi Borse is an example of women empowerment, for the last few years, she is lighting the lamp of knowledge to bring awareness in the society, while also raising voice for the deprived, providing employment to the needy people, today the youth  Has emerged as a source of inspiration for the society.
 She executes very easy and entertaining techniques to educate students. Dr. Madhvi Borse has also received awards and honors from different national and international institutions for her work from both the country and abroad.
An e-certificate will be provided to the registered participants attending the session and filling the feedback form.

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