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The Journey of The Cow boy

There lived a cowboy named Raju in a village
Once he decided to visit the city which he would have to cross after many a mileage.
However being fatigued by journey all day long
He reached at the city in the evening pretending to be fit and strong.
It was his relative’s home where he entered
To stay being a guest
But the hospitality he hoped from them made him messed.
Neither he received the full meal as he had taken in his village home,
Rather a few breads, a cup of juice or any dry chapati or little bit rice, not any kind of food freedom.
His slumber breaks with the factory’s rough sound or the unending vehicles sound
Even he could not close his eyes for the barking of a hound.
No greenery as long as his glance fell in the surrounding,
No tree was there to provide shade or comfort to any weired traveller due to merciless killing.
He was feeling suffocation and escaped from there
Without telling anything to anyone,
After reaching in his own village again, felt that life in the village was indeed a life of peace and fun.
(RIHAN ANSARI 9927141966)

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