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Thai clothing is a cultural heritage and unique culture for Thai handicraft product and Thai culture and now famous all over the world.

Thai Fabrics are Thai handicraft products which is indicate of the flourish of the Thai national culture and creativity of the nation in making products and clothes for daily use. Thai Fabric is hand-woven fabric produced in Thailand. It is a cultural heritage and unique culture to the Thai culture and now has been famous throughout the world.
The local Thai fabrics were divided by region.Fabrics in the north of Thailand 
Woven fabrics in the north of Thailand or Lanna kingdom, but nowadays they are only provinces such as  Chiang Rai, Phayao, Nan, Phrae, Lampang, Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son and some of the land in Myanmar, China and Laos. Tai Yuan people of Thailand in the past had their own culture, they use of fabric since weaving, creating the pattern and wearing. For instance , men would wear such apparel hiked through thigh to show off a tattoo above the knee up to the thigh, and they did not wear shirt or T-shirt but had a fabric across the shoulders, meanwhile elite wear shirt and cummerbund. Women wear Sinhs or Lao skirt fabric striped body. It has a linear pattern and, they wore a fabric chest strap instead shirt. And often have hair bun in the middle of the head, and then pin connector pins or flowers. This dress also appeared on the mural paintings, such as the mural paintings at Wat Phra Sing Waramahavihan in Chiang Mai.
              Fabrics in the northeast of Thailand 
In general, the northeast has a farming social. Most major occupation is farming. It takes about 7 – 9 months from planting until harvest in each year throughout the rainy season and winter. In summer time is about 3 – 5 months, the northeast will spare time to prepare equipment and tools used in everyday life includes the tradition of philanthropy and relaxation. This is the cycle of life in the every year. Local fabrics in the northeast are well known since ancient times. There are two types of woven fabrics from cotton and silk. Nevertheless, they bring polyester mixed such as thread and Toray silk. This is characterized by native weaving same people are doing every step. Since cotton planting and mulberry planting (Mulberry in Thailand) to feed silkworms. Remove the cocoons to the line until they purify and dyed cotton.                     Fabrics in the central of Thailand 
Immigration Tai – Laos to settle in various localities in the central region. As a result, they dispersed among various places. Most of these communities are still woven fabric for clothing like typical and popular tradition handed down since predecessors. There are important local weaving, for instance the Tai Puan weaving group, in Sukhothai Tai province and the Tai Puan from Laos. In the era of King Rama III, some groups have dispersed settlements in some areas of the province of Suphan Buri, Maha Sarakham and so on. The central region has woven fabrics in many local authorities. But when the industry into the weaving. Many local weaving decays. Although some are still woven together in a way, but the pattern is often changed to meet the needs of consumers. The pattern of fabric in central of Thailand.                                                  Fabrics in the south of Thailand 
Movement of people from political. Not only Muslims, but Malay moving settlers in the provinces in the South. And the family had to move into Thailand some settlements in a land which originally belonged to Thailand by such communities were evacuated to Thailand in Kelantan and Thairaburi.                                       This behavior can cause the mixture of races ago. Also caused by a combination of cultural pressure. The weaving of Southern culture. Firstly begins to Nakhon Si Thammarat and then it spread to the other.
                      Different types of fabric have different characteristics such as some are thick, some are fine, or some have a visible texture. And these are suggestions on how to maintain Thai fabrics and Thai clothes. Mostly in who interested Thai fabrics and Thai clothes often fear the trouble of maintenance or the high cost of dry cleaning. In fact, they can maintain the Thai fabrics and Thai clothes by yourselves without the high cost if only you understand, accurate and careful. To maintain and clean the fabrics will remain beautiful and durable and the cost savings offered. Users mostly used on special occasions such as wedding tradition and banquets. They can use reusable before washed because Thai fabrics woven from natural fibers especially silk. There are special features with no dust. When wearing Thai cloth should be careful when choosing a chair seat and do not allow water to clean clothes and food spills. After wearing the clothes should hang them and dry in an airy fabric for moisture and odor out. And then brush dust and clean without washing.

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