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Ear to Hear ,For the Women,By the women  

Our brain has the most vital function, it is the central driving force for our mind and body. Studies reveal that with increasing age, our brain cells erode due to various reasons. Reasons that can be connected to lifestyle, habits, work, domestic responsibilities, stress, expectations, dealing with changes, also particularly trying to cope with COVID -19 and its deadly repercussions.
Mental Health is of top priority, particularly for Women, as they wear many hats and it gets difficult to cope at home or at work.
In order to bring in a positive change in lives of Women, and with a purposeful dream and ambition in her eyes, Ms. Richa Mehta, Founder (Ear To Hear), created a beautiful social initiative by name Ear to Hear, a social platform that engages with women from different walks of life to discuss and share about their issues impacting mental health. The idea behind this initiative is to hear out problems, that affects the mental wellbeing of a woman, while keeping it confidential. This is being accomplished, by conducting various online/offline sessions that gives opportunities to understand and create awareness around mental health, for Women, by the Women.
Ear To Hear was founded on January 1st, 2021, with Richa Mehta herself and built a core team of 18 members in 5 months. In a span of just 5 months, Ear To Hear has catered to nearly 300+ attendees through both offline and online sessions. Women from different walks of life who engaged with Ear To Hear through online and offline sessions, felt comfortable, supported, and confident after attending a session, some even called it to be ‘life-changing’.
Ear To Hear successfully onboarded, State Ambassadors (Anamika Soni, Kinjal Shah), Regional Leaders (Madhu Sharma, Sonal Shah, Kanika Wadhwa), among others across Maharashtra, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat. The team is looking to expand its spectrum up to 28 Ambassadors. This is great news, which means, every state will be represented by a Woman and her team who will engage with women, allowing them to voice their concerns related to metal health and learn different ways to enable and overcome mental health issues.
Ear To Hear team works closely with Richa, to conduct live sessions and offline sessions every week. The team comprises of Monika Sharma (Project Manager), Samridhi Sachdeva (Senior Associate), Harbir Singh (G. Associate) with other team members and few interns.
This platform helps in many ways, amongst the few listed below-
1. Voice concerns and issues that impacts mental health and wellbeing of a Woman.
2. Engage and enable every woman, to overcome mental health issues through a support group, which comprises of a team of State Ambassadors, Regional Leaders and other specialists. This involves learning and overcoming challenges that impact mental wellbeing, through various pedagogical methods.
3. In case, further assistance is needed pertaining to legal advice or psychological counselling, the team directs them to specialists as well.
It’s easier when we learn how to ace problems, thrown at us women, with mental tact and abilities. Join us in this initiative to make it a happier place for all of us, as we emerge stronger, together.
The motto here is to help women and win back what is lost- ‘Their Smile’.
Anyone can be a part of this initiative by reaching out on [email protected]
Authored by: (Shayanti Roy NABET and SQA recognized Corporate Trainer, Coach and facilitator, specialises in the field of POSH and Women empowerment) (RIHAN ANSARI 99271419)

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