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Haryana/Gurgaon: My childhood was spend in an idyllic town of Bhopal, as a kid I was surrounded by beauty of rolling hillocks, lakes, and crisp air, I vividly remember each season, rains brought with them the pure joy of watching gushing streams rolling down the hill, the excitement of summer was holidaying with cousins and grandparents, the chilling winters a reminder of cosy home knit sweaters. Albeit time flew by swiftly. In 1997 I moved to Delhi, with 10 years of experience as a Lawyer, I had hopes and aspirations. Nonetheless life started throwing its challenges at me, my dreams started falling apart, the negativity weighed me down, gradually I lost the innocence of my childhood, I was desperate to find my happy self. So the quest for finding my happy self began, nothing seems to be working for me, then one day I heard about a book on Spiritual Psychotherapy, a self study program, by the title “ A Course In Miracles”, I felt an instant pull towards its Blue Cover , an internal force told me its for me, it’s been 14 years since I made the decision to aim for God not for stars, my faith never failed me.
         I now take workshops along with private counselling for individuals, I have a YouTube channel on which I help find our happy self. Happy individuals contribute most to society, let’s make a decision to be Happy, the world needs happiness  more than ever before, ask yourself, “do I want to be happy or right” life will keep throwing its challenges at us, we still have to show kindness. My work is my worship, therefore  I made a conscious decision of not charging for my work. I work for a Senior Care Foundation as their General Secretary, taking care of stray dogs is a big part of my day, outdoor bicycle, healthy diet and playing with my pets keeps me healthy. I use my knowledge of law for spreading awareness about animals rights and environment. – – – – Rachana Email- Phone Number-9873333800, City-Gurgaon Haryana.
(RIHAN ANSARI 9927141966)

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