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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Greetings, my dearly beloved sister of God’s inspirational grace, Preet, and I pray that you, your family members, and loved ones will defeat Covid-19 and live a gracious life. I am praying for India daily for God’s hands to touch the land and heal my brothers and sisters from Covid 1-19 infections and deaths.
Attached, please find the following poem and photograph requested for you to post in your daily newspaper. Thank you very much for your consideration. God’s riches, grace, and blessings to you, your loved ones, and your family always!
Trilogy of Non-Violence Advocates: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. USA, Attorney Mahatma “Bapu” Gandhi, India, & Attorney Nelson Mandela, South Africa!
The uplifting “Trilogy of Non-Violence” spiritedly advocated justice for humanity
Humanity uplifted to behold another avenue of overcoming the real struggles of life.
Life, where all souls are valuable and fighting alongside love to overcoming hate
Hate, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. states, is “Driven out by the light.”
Light awakening the world to see it shines with brightness eliminating darkness
Darkness, which Attorney Nelson Mandela survived in unlit gloomy dungeons.
Dungeons, the bastions of South African apartheid established to suppress humanity
Suppress humanity by using isolation to rent his spirit and soul with violence.
Violence develops turmoil in the mind, body, soul, and spirit—”So agonizing!”
Agonizing the spirit to attempt ill-will actions toward others with acts of violence.
Violence Attorney Mahatma Gandhi pronounced is inferior to non-violence
Non-violence is innate strength emanating from the indomitable spirit of humanity.
The Rev. Dr. King, Jr., Attorneys Mandela, and Gandhi defeating such ugliness.
The “Trilogy of Non-Violence Advocates” uplifts humanity’s spirit with resiliency.
© His Excellency, Ambassador, Commissioner, Honorable, Professor, Dr. Joseph S. Spence, Sr. The USA (Epulaeryu Master)! June 2, 2021. Golden Key International Honor Society Academy Literary Thought Leader, U.S.A., and Chief Advisor World Parliament of English Literature-India!
Author’s Note: This “Trilogy of Non-Violence Advocacy” poem is written in the “Linking Pin Sonnet” form where the preceding line links to the next. I developed this poetry form, January 2007 while studying English literature, creative writing, African Diaspora, Japanese linguistics, and poetry at the University of Wisconsin. I also invented the “Trilogy Poetry Form” in June 2020. It addresses three persons, places, or things. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the USA, Attorney Nelson Mandela, South Africa, and Attorney Mahatma “Bapu” Gandhi, India, all advocated nonviolently with inspiration; thus, uplifting worldwide humanity victoriously as the “Trilogy of Non-Violence Advocates!”

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