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have shaped my identity as a fashion designer

Professional journey has been an incredible odyssey, filled with diverse experiences that have shaped my identity as a fashion designer. Graduating from a prestigious fashion school was the inception of this journey. Since then, I’ve worn various hats in the fashion world, including Merchandiser, Designer, Ramp Choreographer, Fashion Show Coordinator, and Artist.
What distinguishes me is my insatiable appetite for knowledge. It propels me into diverse fields, continuously expanding my horizons. In my commitment to contribute to the fashion community, I’ve taken on the role of a tutor, guiding and mentoring budding talents. Additionally, my involvement in the management team of the Fashion Student Association is aimed at bridging the gap between students and the fashion industry, fostering invaluable connections.
These multifaceted experiences and the knowledge I’ve gathered have transformed me into a profoundly creative individual. I perceive the world through a uniquely creative lens, finding inspiration in the ordinary. For me, fashion extends beyond mere clothing; it’s a means of self-expression, storytelling, and artistic exploration.
I am Kalpana, a fashion designer, and my professional journey is a testament to my passion for creativity and dedication to the fashion industry.
In 2021, I took a significant step in my career by launching my own brand, “The Classic Palette.” This venture has been a labor of love, allowing me to express my unique vision in the world of fashion. Since its inception, “The Classic Palette” has achieved remarkable success, having organized and executed nine highly successful fashion shows in both India and the USA. These shows have not only showcased my creative designs but have also garnered widespread recognition and acclaim from fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

At the heart of my design brand lies a captivating fusion that intertwines the richness of Indian traditional silk material and the artistry of intricate handwork. This harmonious blend is further elevated with a modern twist, culminating in creations that exude a resplendent and timeless sense of class. Our brand’s essence lies in seamlessly marrying heritage and contemporary aesthetics, offering a truly unique and enchanting experience to those who appreciate the beauty of cross-temporal craftsmanship.

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