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SATABDI ROY DEBNATH– An Achiever and Creator

SATABDI ROY DEBNATH is the only daughter of her parents.From childhood she likes to sing dance painting and poem writing and also wants to become a fashion designer. But being the only daughter, she did not get a chance to move out of Kolkata to work in this field. She born in Agartala and brought up in Kolkata. She did her schooling from K.V.Salt Lake. Her father’s name is Mr.Santi Ranjan Roy.He is now a retired person of State Bank of India. Her mother’s name is Mrs.Kalyani Roy. She is not only a homemaker also a great mentor, guide, teacher and the best friend of mine and an inspiration for me.SATABDI ROY DEBNATH did her graduation in Zoology Hons. and also done MBA in HR. Since her childhood she had a keen interest in this fashion world but never get such opportunity to explore.
She completed her graduation and started her career as Sales Manager in a UK based company. She loves to explore new things in life. So she has bucket of achievements which she has won by facing a lot of hurdles and challenges in her life.She quit her job after marriage and child birth. and started working as a wedding and event planner so that she can take care of baby.She has proved that you can fulfill your dreams even after becoming a mother.
She got married at the age of 25yrs.Her husband’s name is Mr.Santanu Debnath. He is AVP at a reputed IT Company.They have a daughter of 5yrs named as Aiyushi Debnath who is also an aspiring kid model, also woned many achievements in singing, dancing and painting field.
SATABDI ROY DEBNATH believes that criticism, mistake and struggle makes a person better in life.Now apart from event planner, SATABDI ROY is also working as Marketing Head of Kolkata with a National Magazine Vanshdhara. Also working with IBSW as Regional Director of East India and Council Member of WICCI and Member of RTA.Also working with VVN Entertainment as Team Member.SATABDI ROY DEBNATH recently got the opportunity to work as Talent Head Manager with United Nation Pageants Ltd.
Coming to her achievements-
She recieved Nari Shakti Puraskar from NHRO, Brand Face Award in Cricplay Tournament, Received the title of Mrs Goodness Ambassador 2021 and Mrs Glam Queen Fitness 2021. Also received Mrs Kolkata Face of Gucci Fashion India.Received William Shakespeare International Award in Poetry,Best Singer Award from Bigframe Films and was also honoured as Celebrity in Lifestyle Magazine.
Her key to success is self confidence,learning new things,hard work and gaining experiences. She is a right example of women empowerment. Her journey is an inspiration for many women who are dreaming to fly with wings but never execute it because of lack of confidence, struggle, support and all.
At last SATABDI ROY DEBNATH want to give a message to all the ladies that Believe yourself and grab the dreams as you are the best of urself.
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