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Bring Greenery, Spread Happiness, Save Environment – Dr. Madhvi Borse!

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year all over the world.  This day is considered as the main weapon of the United Nations to make common people aware about the environmental issues in the world and to encourage them to take the right steps in this direction.
 This day is about our future to save the environment.  If our environment will not survive then how will we survive?  Therefore, World Environment Day is a very important step towards saving us.  5 June World Environment Day
 A renowned educationist, corporate anchor, soft skills trainer, poet, writer, philanthropist, thinker; Dr. Madhvi Borse has been honored with national and international awards for her education, literary social achievements and achievement in various arts fields.
 She was also honored on Environment Day by many famous foundations and institutions, not only herself but even inspired everyone to spread awareness. She inspired all the students, teachers, also to plant saplings in her institution. Through the inspiration of Dr. Madhvi Borse, many students planted saplings, to spread awareness in the society.
At the same time; Dr. Sudhir Singh, Chairman of Society for Rural and Urban Development through Holistic Approach Trust, on the occasion of Environment Day, under the theme of Environment Restoration, every citizen should plant one or two trees on the day of environment.  But like neem, peepal, banyan etc., competition was held for planting trees, in which many states of the country like Orissa, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar besides some foreigners also participated in this program by becoming a part of this program.  Like Philippines, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, South Africa etc. In this program, more than 150 people participated in this program to commemorate World Environment Day. All participants honored by Green Ecosystem Restoration Honor 2021.
 Trees bring greenery and greenery brings happiness. To spread this happiness, this famous organization “Vasundhara Blessings Foundation” has also taken an initiative in this direction. This organization organized a program “Eco-Re-establishment” on the occasion of Environment Day 2021. This initiative includes Dr. Sunita Pachar, Founder of VBFT; Mrs. Mona – a Shree Satanand Pathak – an environmentalist and an educationist, also made her valuable contribution and spread awareness about how plants are important for our existence and a major source of providing us oxygen.
In many such famous foundations and institutions, Dr. Madhvi Borse also tried to contribute!  Lines written by Dr. Madhvi Borse.
 Let’s spread greenery
 happiness to all,
 planted trees together,
 No land should be barren and empty.

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