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Black Fungus and Homeopathic Management

India is currently combating the second wave of Coronavirus and the medical fraternity in our country is not only concerned about this deadly contagious virus but also other complications that are being reported by the patients. One such lethal complication being observed in patients in India in recent times, which have tested positive for COVID-19 and are gradually recovering, is a fungal disease called Mucormycosis or black fungus. With hundreds of cases being reported in states like Gujarat, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi, it has triggered an additional wave of panic among the general public.  This is not new condition like corona virus , this is opportunistic infections (OIs) that occur more frequently and are more severe in people with weakened immune systems, Besides darkening of skin, inflammation, redness, ulcers, fevers, this dangerous sickness can also invade the lungs, eyes and even the brain, proving to be fatal if left unattended.

Certain individuals are more prone to getting affected by the fungal infection, such as:

  • People with diabetes mellitus who are unable to keep blood sugar levels within the normal range
  • Persons with comorbid conditions taking immunosuppressant steroid medications to manage pre-existing illnesses as well as COVID-19, over an extended length of time
  • Being treated in the Intensive Care Unit i.e. ICU wing of hospitals for a prolonged interval of time
  • Having a vulnerable immune system that is weakened owing to comorbidities such as previous organ transplant surgeries or cancer therapy procedures
  • Already taking prescription antifungal drugs to combat infections


Representation of this fungal infection will be like:

  • Sinusitis, along with clogging of the nasal tract and bloody or blackish mucus emission from the nose
  • Pain on only one side of the face, cheekbones, with lack of sensation and bulging
  • Distinct blackish discoloration on the bridge of the nose
  • Prominent aching in teeth, jawbone, degrading of tooth structures
  • Hazy vision, with objects appearing blurred or in double, with eye pain
  • Abnormal blood clotting or thrombosis of tissues, along with skin injury and damage or necrosis of dermal cells
  • Further deterioration of respiratory functions, with chest pain, excess fluid build-up in lungs i.e. pleural effusion and coughing up blood or haemoptysis

Additionally, simple preventive measures go a long way in lowering the chances of acquiring mucormycosis post COVID-19 recovery, such as:

  • Ensuring personal hygiene by bathing and scrubbing the body thoroughly, particularly after returning home from work, working out or visiting neighbours, relatives, friends
  • Wearing face masks and face shields when going to dirty polluted environments such as construction sites
  • Making sure to fully covered clothing of concealed shoes, long pants, long-sleeved shirts and gloves while coming in contact with soil, moss, manure, like in gardening activities

If you observe any of symptoms please consult to your treating Doctor, the best person will be ENT Specialist. Homeopathic Medicine also play good role in treating the symptoms of Mucormycosis if treated on time and can be given along with your conventional treatment to speed up recovery. Some of medicine are Thuja occidentalis, Kali bichromicum , Calcarea carbonica, Mercurius solubilis, Sepia officinalis, Acid Nitricum and many more.

Please Consult homeopathic physician to provide best guidance. Homeopathic Aesthetic Consultant Dr. Mona Swamy 9560205809

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