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A Glimpse in a hidden Warrior

A Glimpse in a hidden Warrior
Lockdown 2020 was indeed a blessing in disguise .With the shutting down of her  school the universe had planned and written beautiful chapters in her  book of life. With just a pen as my muse, solitary nights, creativity in abundance inside her bombarding her to keep herself active. As they say that the pen is mightier than a sword but for her the journeys of her life were more mightier than the pen. The roads less travelled by her, the harsh battles she  won and the new ” Her,” were her  inner strength. Taking due advantage of the opportunity bestowed upon her by the Universe , she  started her new found passion for writing creating wonders. Being a writer for 15 books ,an Editor with 2 books – The Third Eye with 34 writers  and Hearteeculations with 76 writers  available on Amazon, it was a gift in itself for her .Being invited as a speaker for 70 platforms for her expertise in education field and in literary platforms is an achievement. She is now a proud recipient of many awards and with around many infinite certificates to her credit. Research work being published and mentoring 1 lac ducators across the globe is a marathon feat accomplished by her.
Being  conferred with amazing designations ,her work does speak volumes. Being a universal Healer she has  healed 300 covid patients in pandemic and healed many more for other problems. Conducting teaching aids workshops gives her  immense happiness as that’s the work she loves the most and lastly she  concludes that-
 Sometimes we search for the meaning of our life, we always want and wish for the best, but think of it,  maybe the simple meaning is worth the best for us. Maybe we search for nothing but we can wait for something in the right time..
Sonal Jhajj
My latest Profile
Sonal Jhajj – Mumbai
A Passionate Early Years Educationist/ Teacher Trainer/ Multi Awardee/ Award Winning Editor/ Teaching Aids expert/ A global international/International Global Speaker/ a Universal Healer/ A Humanity Evangelist/ A published writer/ Content Writer
Education Ambassador- IIU
She has done her B.Sc in Human Development with Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) as a core specialization from S.N.D.T University, Mumbai. She has a teaching experience of near about 22+ years  ( In Education Industry since – 1994)  in pre-school education in various stages of her life. Her core expertise has been Life-skills along with Academics in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
She has been invited as Judge for an Arts Fest at VIBGHYOR Group of schools to judge an Art competition for children- ages 5 – 15
 – ( 2019 )
She has conducted an offline Teacher Training Workshop / Session for Arya Vidya Mandir groupof schools for  ECCE Trainees .
On Core Topics – ( 2019 )
She has invented her research pedagogy-
” Skillogogy ” in education field.
She is  currently designated as An Academic Curriculum Developer for a teachers diploma course with GFECER .
She has been invited as a speaker on  around 70 platforms to create awareness on early years education, mentoring the educators and for her literary work. She has healed around 300 + covid patients and many more for other problems through her healing energies.
She is a Founder of Her Learning Channels for Educators and children.
She is a Founder of ” Cosmic Aura ” – A universal Healer since 15 + years .
She has been interviewed on 5 channels- as an Educationist.
(1) – **Wonder Publish magazine
(2) **Reed my story-
She is the Founder of –
*Metamorphosis and Meraki*
Education and a Literary Platform.
( Human and Women’s Empowerment Enclave).
A global platform for Humanity and Women Changemakers
She is a proud recipient of many awards and has received many certificates for her expertise in education and writing skills on various Literary Platforms
Her literary poems are published in Ink Dew Times .
She has around 50 awards to her credit and on merit .
1)  The Maharana Pratap Bravery award for Education
(2) The PIFA award for being a passionate Educationist
3)The most altruistic Editor Award
4)The most Congenial Editor award  and many more .
(5) Swami Vivekananda Changemaker Award for her contribution in Education and Society.
(6) PAAI – Unsung Hereos Award- 2022
(7) Nalanda Pride of Education Award
(8)Nation Builder Award- Rotary Club of Mumbai west
(9) Edukos Unite Of Scholars – Best Innovative Teacher Award
(10) Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam – Best Online Educator Award
She is a  proud recipient of Outstanding Leadership Award for her contribution in Education.
 She is a Course Committee Member – ( Academic Council)
(Global Foundation for Early Childhood Education and Research)
She has won many certificates (Outstanding,  Excellence, Appreciation, Poet of fortnight, Homourable mention and Participation) for her literary work on various literary platforms.
(400+  certificates-
Education and writing skills)
Two of her poems have received a global Appreciation and an outstanding review on the lines of respected poet
” William Wordsworth  “
And one for the life’s journeys from esteemed literary personalities and she has also been elected as the Poet of the fortnight on the literary platform
Her research work on education has been published in ECA Manuals.
She has organized a NEP – Summit on IDYM Platform for a period of 1 month  (31 days)  – (15th September- 15th October) With educators from across the globe on 31 topics.
When the virtual learning was in trend she conducted many live events and learning sessions for  children and for educators across the globe.
She has mentored 1 lac educators across the globe.
She has conducted,hosted and conceptualized many live events for children  across the globe – along Academic lines .
She is a skilled master in teaching aids from waste.
( she has conducted a 2 day teacher training workshop for teachers with 88 trainees under her) .
She was working in a government school teaching the early years learners who had no  access to basic Foundational education.
She is a teaching aids expert and has invented 400 teaching aids.
She is an ace artist and a creatively skilled writer
She knows more than 50 kinds of paintings and art integration.
Sonal Jhajj
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