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Jelena Mordvinova Vladi

Hello dear reader, welcome to TATI, the newest journalist and ambassador for Indian Magazines in Ireland and Creative Director. Today I want to talk about an amazing woman named Jelena Mordvinova Vladi, who calls herself Coral Tara. This multifaceted sorceress combines many different talents. Jelena was born in Latvia and flew to Dublin in 2003, captivating us with her amazing dance, with which she travels all over the world. Ireland, in her words, is a magical island that helped her find herself and discover her calling, the potential of which has no end. Having entered this land, she immediately felt energies that were previously unknown to her, and at the same time felt a family connection with this place. Jelena is a person of flow and through the dance she performs we can feel the energies passing through her. One of her favorite places on the island where she likes to go and dance is a park called Victor’s Way. This amazing place brings huge sculptures from India, which were created by hand and carry power. And here she really likes to walk barefoot. According to Jelena, she perceives this world with all five receptors. Jelena also has an excellent quality, this quality is KINDNESS. What is very valuable is that today in this world not every person demonstrates this quality through themselves. Her positive attitude for the day and for the future turns into a beautiful present here and now. Jelena loves to travel to places of power, where she makes rituals and offerings in the form of flowers or food.


Loves to work with the elements. According to Jelena, her field of activity also includes healing. She is able to heal people with her energy and flow energy. When she chants mantras while in the flow, she feels everything that passes through her body and directs it to people. When the energies of colorful containers and nature fairies connected with Jelena in her meditations, she realized that these energies were miraculously materializing in her space. And through tarot cards, Jelena is able to feel connected to the whole world and practices conversation with God. She learned to read the signs of the Universe. It sounds like science fiction, but fortunately it’s true. Not many of us are able to feel and see clearly. These amazing things happen to her not only in meditation or when she feels good, it also comes to her when she feels bad. She shared a little story with me.. When it was very difficult for her, after breaking up with her partner, a butterfly flew to her, sat on her hand and did not fly away. Such small signs through which we can feel the connection and support of the Creator. Jelena gratefully shared her knowledge and told me about sound healing, the tools through which the body can be treated, the tools with which she studied and today practices cleansing the human body and chakras. The same goes for streaming practices with Angels and Archangels, through the energies of the masters of the Akashic Chronicle as well. All these tools have been accumulated over 20 years. It’s amazing how much strength lies in one woman. Each of us is completely unique, just like our fingerprints and the retina of our eyes. Tantric techniques help Jelena discover and transmit knowledge to others. Her biggest dream is to discover talents in people through tantric dance in sound with beautiful music and many women, like a flock of birds flying synchronously in dance. I present this incredible picture. As if in a dance, the beautiful creatures of the Creator dance freely and naturally, emitting light and rainbows, and the shimmering of stones on clothes only adds magic to the moment.


Visiting places of power is very important and necessary for our heroine. Traveling around the world, Jelena is filled with powerful energies and is able to discover more and more of a piece of God in herself. Together with her, the people who fall into her field also open up. According to Jelena, this is her Mission, to reveal and create the beauty in everyone. See a piece of God in yourself and create. The internal process through which a person understands himself, the world around him and finds new ideas and solutions for creatively changing reality. Tarot is one of her favorite tools through which she can see details and through which she can give even more. Jelena does not stop there, with gratitude to the Creator and the Universe she accepts all the blessings of this world and she wants to grow even more, filling this world with light and warmth, gaining more of this amazing experience.


Jelena wants to share with us one practice that she does every morning.. Waking up and not yet opening her eyes, she says the following words.. “Father the Creator, I thank you for this day, I thank you for the fact that I can breathe, shine and radiate, to connect with you and my nature.”

The last question I asked Jelena was about love!

-What is love for you?

Her answer was short, but at the same time long…

-Love is the Creator! He is like the sun for me.. He is everywhere and in everything! Boundless and unconditional love. God is the Source for me and it’s all love.

And last what she said was about love to Shiva i Parvati, Ganesha, Saraswati, Lakshmi, White Tara Avolokiteshvara, Hanuman.


We wish Jelena new energies and new victories, victories over herself, and heights in her calling.




Jelena Mordvinova Vladi

Instagram @jelenavladi_madic dance

Facebook – Jelena Mordvinova Vladi


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