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OMAN: A Dream if you dream alone is only a Dream, a DREAM if you dream together becomes a REALITY. International Institute of Influencers an Influencing organisation has stepped into Industry of education with the MISSION of BUILDING INFLUENCERS COMMUNITY & with the vision of HUMANISATION of EDUCATION. They firmly believe that Materialistic Education can bring STANDARD OF LIVING, but Spiritual education can Increase the STANDARD OF LIFE. They are initiating to inculcate Humanised values in Life skills Trainings, IT trainings and create a healthy and Resilient Society. Journey of 1000 miles start with a Single Step.
Their first Baby step, first Initial impact impression, LOGO LAUNCH was done Yesterday (21st June)  on INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY, at an international conference  conducted by Witty Gossip Association. Founders, International Speakers, Professors all around the world, attended the event.  Dr.SINDHU BHASKAR, (Co-Chairman & Founder EST Global InC, MIT CAMBRIDGE (USA)  has Inaugurated the LOGO LAUNCH ceremony with his wonderful Magical  and inspirational message and Blessings to the International Institute of Influencers. Board of Directors of III  ( Dr Sindhu Bhaskar (USA)  Dr.Ajay Desai (India) Mr.Farouq Khailan (Africa) Mr.Bilal Ahmed (Malaysia) Dr.Badrul Khan (USA) DR.Souji Gopala Krishnan (USA) Mr.Adam Greenwell (Newzealand)  Dr.Parin Somani (UK) Mr.KEWIN (USA) Dr.Aphinta Chaichana (Thailand) from all over the world has sent their Inspirational messages and Blessings on this auspicious occassion.
Dr.Shama Hussain (Founder Director & CEO ) of the International Institute of Influencers expressed much gratitude to all of the Board of Directors for their support and Blessings. On this occasion she wants to extend thanks to Mr.SAURAV KUMAR  (Chemical Engineer ) as well for his Immense support, rendering his help behind the scenes and making this event a grand success.
                    International Institute of Influencers are welcoming the Influencers of the world to join the community to create an IMPACT and build INFLUENCERS all around the world.

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