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12 Winners: Young Indian Folk Artist 2021

12 Winners: Young Indian Folk Artist 2021

International Indian Folk Art Gallery (IIFAG) is an organisation promoting Indian Folk Art around the world. IIFAG is an Australian government approved business (ABN:77841807839), with fully registered and licensed operations in Chennai, India.

The sixteen member volunteer team, headed by Senthil Vel are from all the world, providing expertise around curation, marketing, sales, infrastructure.

We specialize in Indian Folk Art and Crafts, with the largest collections of folk art in our gallery and also now building the largest online Gurukulam (school for Indian Folk Art) under one platform.

India is a host to over 40 traditional folk arts. These folk arts have been passed on from generations to generations for over 3000 years. However, except for a handful, the rest of them are on the verge of extinction. The once-thriving community of artists in India, is now reduced to a small number of families fighting to keep the art alive.

We, at International Indian Folk Art Gallery wants to make a difference.

We have also created a world class online learning management system (LMS), called Gurukulam as an online school for Indian Folk Art. Gurukulam system supports both, self-learning and one to one coaching process to transfer knowledge and skills.

Within Gurukulam, we have also built inside assessment process to measure the knowledge transfer, to make the process both fun and effective for students and teachers.

We personally, hand pick artists and work with teachers to ensure we maintain the authenticity of our traditional Indian Folk Art and craft. We focus on simplifying the learning process through our self-learning programs, making it easier for students to learn different art forms.

As part of this process, we offer an online platform for every Indian Folk Artist and craftsmen at no costs. For underprivileged artists, we also help them to set up their own personal gallery and “Gurukulam” at no additional costs.

To date, we have published following Indian Folk Arts in our online Gurukulam platform

  1. Tanjore Painting
  2. Madhubani Painting
  3. Meenakari Painting
  4. Warli Painting
  5. Kalamkari Painting
  6. Mysore Painting
  7. Kerala Mural Painting
  8. Pattachitra Painting
  9. Rajasthani Phad Painting
  10. Kalighat Painting
  11. Lippan Art
  12. Cheriyal Painting
  13. Pichwai Painting
  14. Nirmal Painting

Our aim is to include all Indian Folk Arts under one platform, Gurukulam. Hosted by International Indian Folk Art Gallery. This will provide schools a unique opportunity to teach many of our forgotten traditional Indian Folk Arts and revive, both, the beautiful traditional arts of India and future of our traditional artists.

2021 International Indian Folk Art Competition for Children

IIFAG launched Young Indian Folk Artist 2021, an international children’s art competition and online exhibition for all budding young artists, presented by International Indian Folk Art Gallery (IIFAG) Australia and India.

The competition was open to all children of the world. Entries open on 14th March 2021. The three-month International Children’s competition in pursuit of the hidden gems ended on 19th June 2021.

The winners were selected by the combination of Judges and Public voting. We had a panel of Three highly experienced Judges

  1. Chitrakar Sadashiv Kulkarni:
  2. Alumni of the JJ school of art. VITI in textile designing Well-known art teacher with over 33 yrs of teaching. He has been awarded the prestigious Thane Ratna Puraskar 2017 Sevaratna puraskar 2018 Show at Jahangir art gallery 6/2018 Show at the club 2019 BMC heritage advisory conservative committee member.
  3. Mrs. Vandana Rajan, B.A; BFA, MFA (Painting), BHU, B.Ed (Hindi)
  4. Over 25 years’ experience as an artist and teacher, always keen to learn and share. She is a master artist when it comes to Indian Folk Art, she has experience in many different folk arts and crafts, including Madhubani, Kalamkari, Meenakari, Warli, Pichwai, Kalighat, Gond, and more.
  5. Mrs. Subhashini Maniam:
  6. Third-generation artist from a highly respected Maniam family. Both grandfather ‘Kalki’ Maniam and her father Maniam Selven (Ma Se) have made great contributions to the field of illustration for the Tamil literature and publishing sector. Subhashini has Masters’s Degree in Contemporary Art Practice to further her interests from the University of Huddersfield, UK & Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.


The Judges had a very tough time in picking the winner. Please join us to see the winners of Young Indian Folk Artist 2021.

Special thanks to all the art lovers, who took their time to review children’s artworks and voted their preferred winners. We had over 4300 public votes and this process has helped us a lot in picking the winners.

Based on competition guidelines, the prizes will be given in the following categories. The winner’s list will be published here post-presentation (19th June 2021). The winners will receive cash prizes, certificate of recognition, free access to our online gallery.

Category 1: Madhubani Painting

1st Prize – Lavanya Gaur [INR 20,000]

2nd Prize – Dhia Nakaraj [INR 10,000]

3rd Prize – Ameya Rose Rohit [INR 5000]

Category 2: Gond Painting

1st Prize – Anvi Kalothia [INR 20,000]

2nd Prize – Shivani Ramesh [INR 10,000]

2nd Prize – Sree Vaidehi Ramesh [INR 10,000]

Category 3: Warli, Kerala Mural, Kalighat, Cheriyal, Chitrakathi, Kalamkari, Mata Ni Pachedi, Rajasthani Painting

1st Prize – Aditya Anand [INR 20,000]

2nd Prize – Vanshika Gajjala [INR 10,000]

3rd Prize – Bala Aniksanth Sudharsan [INR 5000]

Category 4: Indian Folk Themes

1st Prize – Pranav Gaur [INR 10,000]

2nd Prize – Komal Walimbe [INR 5000]

3rd Prize – Samruddhi Dhat [INR 2500]

Category 5: Public Favorite Painting – Sashank Vutukuri [INR 2500]

Category 6: Youngest Indian Folk Artist

Artist 1 – Isali Rathnaweera [INR 1000]

Artist 2 – Veda V Nair [INR 1000]

Category 7: Top 5 Finalists based on Judge scoring in Category 1, 2 and 3.

Artist 1 – Harsha Manimaran [INR 1000]

Artist 2 – Aareen Dutta Majumder [INR 1000]

Artist 3 – Divyanshi Jain [INR 1000]

Artist 4 – Ishita Golash [INR 1000]

Artist 5 – Shreya Sriram [INR 1000]

Artist 6 – Dhairya Gaur [INR 1000]

We would like to thank all the kids, parents, and teachers who participated and made our, Young Indian Folk Artist 2021, a big success.

Thank you,


Senthil Vel

Founder & Indian Folk Artist

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +61414297179

Young Indian Folk Artist 2021 Press release


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