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Meet Kaushaki Sondhi K | Join the Movement #INNOVATIVEINDIA | Be a Change

Kaushaki Sondhi
In this world now, the humans racing are towards individual success and they are  people finding happiness in service to others are gems. One such gem is Koushaki Sondhi. Kaushaki Sondhi is an educator, President of the State of women Empowerment All India Council of Human Rights and Liberties and Social Justice, Global goodwill ambassador
Educator. Global goodwill ambassador. To spread the wisdom and understanding she gained about humanity she hosts and participates in live sessions. She also is a certified content writer. She is the editor and a vital part of the board of advisory of the National Council and News Broadcasting.
Early Life
Kaushaki Sondhi was born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. Her childhood was filled with care and love from her very big family. She lived in a joint family. She grew up seeing and hearing various human values. This instilled a sense of humanity and the need to serve strongly in her heart. Even her early teenage was filled with an urge to learn more about life rather than just studying like other students. She was also lucky enough to grow in the same kind of household.
She is remembered to be mentioning how she wanted to take up Moral Science classes even after her seventh grade as learning about life, self and society was her keen interest. She is disappointed with the Indian education system in which life lessons are stopped being taught right after seventh grade. She feels that these lessons can help emphasise the concept of equality. It would give children and teenagers the strength to share grief and talk about their problems rather than isolating them. The sense of equality among everyone will create a sense of bond and trust to share. It would help in laying a very strong foundation to overcome depression and any sort of problems that they would face in life with proper guidance and community support. She desires for a society where it is okay for boys to cry as humans have the rights to express emotions and irrespective of gender and creed everyone is humans.
Education and Career
She graduated from, B.Ed and MBA in finance. Later she did her course University teachings from University of Honk Kong for her higher studies. In 2013 she got married and resided in the USA for the next two years. During her stay in the USA, she was intimidated by the independent women of the community and wished for the same in her nation. So she wrote a letter to All India Council Of Human Rights, Liberties & Social Justice and was offered the righteous position that her wisdom and will deserve, the president of women empowerment.
On top of that, she is working as a Mentor. She is proud to be a part of such a divine service. It is also claimed that she conducts many NGOs and thus helps the needy to get educated. She strongly states that every human being has to consider sharing and helping through their profession. As a teacher she contributes, If you are a doctor you should consider medical camping as a service to the fellow beings who share this planet with you. Ditto to every other profession. As the proverb goes “Where there is a will, there is a way.” She states the universal language to be love and you can soulfully connect just by speaking that language through their career path. She is the ideal example of her idealogy. It can undoubtedly be claimed that she lives by her words. And that is the reason she is the Global goodwill ambassador.
In order to create better awareness and understanding among the people, she shares her wisdom through live sessions with reputed people. The National Council and News Broadcasting is proud to have her as the editor and board member of its advisory. She also is entitled and recognised by the government of India for her contributions and service for the COVID-19 relief.
Her Inspiration
Without no doubt, Kaushaki Sondhi’s inspiration is her father. For Instances, from her childhood, she grew up witnessing her father do service up to his power. In this modern world, many assume service is about money. Her father disproved it free from doubt. He invested his time. He invested his time to listen to people’s grief. Just having a person to listen gave the opposite person hope and strength to face it. He also insisted for his daughter to keep some part of her resource to others in a month, money or time. This thought created a great impact on Kaushaki Sondhi.
Secondly, she spent her youth servicing in a Mother Teresa foundation in Agra. One exquisite day, she saw an Acid-attack victim spend her time and money in educating the impoverished children. This one visual motivated Kaushaki Sondhi to serve the human race. It set in the fire to help and share. Once she started serving with purpose, she felt her emptiness being filled in with satisfaction.
Lastly, the preachings of Geeta. In one of her interviews, she explained the importance of four Yugas – Krita, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali. She also explains, “in Krita yuga, good and evil lived in separate worlds. In Treta yuga good and evil lived separately on earth. In Dvapara Yuga, good and evil resided in a family. In Kali Yuga, good and evil reside inside an individual.” She also talked about how living a conscious life can help humankind to live in the present and enjoy the positive alone in one’s life. Not talking about the negative can itself manifest into positive energy. She believes it to clear our karma chakra. All these ideologies are which she lives by. She enriches herself with a positive aura and unites humanity by the soul.
Her service
As her argument goes, no one owns this planet and thus have no rights to reserve resources for themselves. To live by this, she started the InnovateIndia project which served as a platform for connectivity of various NGOs. Currently, ten NGOs has been connected by her favour. As mentioned she mainly concentrates on free education.
Quoting her
“We need women who are strong that they can be gentle.
So educated, they can be humble.
So fearless, they can be compassionate.
So passionate, they can be irrational.
So disciplined that can be free”.
Kaushaki Sondhi
She means to say women have an energy that is emotionally evolved to establish a spiritual connection. No one proves this as much as Koushaki Sondhi. With her wisdom, she empowers not just women but humanity by her service. And will continue to.
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