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Can an Astrologer perform your Marriage rites and rituals

Most people connect astrology with mythology or maybe sometimes with other related subjects. The fields like palmistry (Hasth Rekha Vigyan), gemology (Ratan Vigyan), the science of architecture (vastu shastra), black magic, Pneumatology (study of spirits), and so on, all these have their importance, all these have different principles of working, problem-solving tact and remedies.


A practitioner may be well versed in one or more such subjects but people approach any priest (he may be a temple priest) or Katha Vachak or sadhu or Karmkandi for matchmaking (kundali Milan), casting horoscope (kundali making), Auspicious time calculation (Muhurat), predictions (bhagya nirnay) and more important decision makings.


The percentage of such people who have a good hold of one or more particular subjects is less than those who just begin their venture after studying ephemeris (Panchang). Remember our teachers have taught us many times that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

Acharya Komal Goyal is an Astrologer with expertise in the fields like Vedic, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, and Reiki Healing with an experience of 6+ years. She urges people to differentiate between a Katha Vachak, a Karamkandi pundit, and an Astrologer. As they all are different and have different jobs to do. Although from past many decades, to earn a healthy living, people have been combining all these fields and working as one multi-talented Pundit (which may not be wrong in all cases) who could predict your life events at the same time they could get you married with rituals done properly, that is Karamkand, and at the same time, they could even give you Pravachans for a healthy-wealthy as well as a spiritual living.

After completing her Engineering in Electronics and Communication and while pursuing MBA in Marketing she entered the field of Vedic Astrology and her journey began. Now she is a Qualified practitioner, provides online and offline consultation as well as she writes blogs on Astrology and related sciences on her website ( alongside she has different social media reaches like YouTube channel with name Kundali and Jyotish, Instagram, Facebook page, Quora Space, and so on.

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