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Happy morning – Day- 29 – Attitude

Spiritual practice is important, without it transformation is only a dream. Yet , even the most effective meditation method, combined with the most disciplined approach, can only take us about 5 percent of the way.
And the other 95 percent? Attitude.
What we do it is important, but it’s not as important as the attitude with which we do it. This doesn’t  only apply to meditation. With any activity, it’s our attitude that defines it and our attitude that determines its success.
If you meditate in negative mood , it is counterproductive. Your negativity becomes the object of your meditation, you see , your eyes may be closed .you may look as if you are in meditation, but actually you are just brooding over negative thoughts and feelings. That becomes your focus. And what happens if you meditate on your bad mood ? It only intensifies.
The purpose of meditation is  to enter into the finest states of consciousness. Do  you think that is possible if you bring heaviness , discord , torments along with you?
We have to leave behind. Remove all this with cleansing methods.
There are also other attitudes that hinder us in subtler ways. Expectations is one of see many approach meditation with the expectations of certain results.
From the book *The Heartfulness way* By *Kamlesh D Patel and Joshua Pollock*
Affirm: I drop all my expectations when I practice my Mental spiritual practices. I detach myself from results and do my part of healing. I trust the process of healings and meditations.
Gratitude: Thank you God for guiding me to keep right attitude when I do my healings.
Blessings: I bless myself to be in complete acceptance and detach myself from the dramas going around me.
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