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Lioness of Punjab with great dream

“Yes I am lioness”the daring words of Punjab bold and beautiful lady ms suman jeet kaur (officer and socialist )always strike on my mind and head. Her statement- “No one can black mail me by giving any stupid insecurities, I have never bent before the mischievous & frustrated people. Believe in hardwork and honesty in each and every task in life . Love my self respect. “ i asked her – is there any movement/time you feel insecure? Charming lady- Yes I feel insecure in relations as I have lost many people in life & get jealous from the people enjoying bonds of families like parents and siblings, as I have lost both my parents  and elder sister, almighty always put me in difficult exam of responsibilities in life, I think I am his special and daring kid who always try to pass her exam of responsibilities .
            I had heard about mam that she was taking  interest in politics . When she was asked , she smiled and told : yes I get offers from various parties to join politics where I can fulfil my social work dream . Else almighty knows what he has planned for me. Actually my main dream is to serve for Women Empowerment. Either it’s with NGO or by joining politics .
           According to mam : if we give powers and liberties to women they can run states and country as well and it can be only with good education and equal rights specially with strong law for the protection of their respect and rights. “If a women can a reason for making house a real home then why can’t she do wonders in running a organisation or country in stable and smart way.
           I will say only one word to the lady  Bond -“Salute mam “ for your great thoughts and efforts. You are so positive and spread positive vibes only where so ever you go. Our country women are waiting  to see your face with great ideas to boost their personalities and support you in your dream work.

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