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Dr. Madhvi Borse is appointed to the post of National Advisor (India) by Miss Richa Mehta, the Founder of the ‘Ear to Hear’ 

Dr. Madhvi Borse has been working as a writer and a poet for a long time. Her aim is to spread women awareness in the society through her writings she wants to reflect the barriers of the society that stops a women to be confident and independent.
She has been working on  various social platforms at many posts and simultaneously  conducting webinars to enmark social issues. One of them is ‘Ear to Hear’ which is a very renown platform that works on targeting social issues related to women and their mental health related topics.
On this platform Dr. Madhvi and all the empowered women encourages today’s women to be strong and confident. A women goes through many ups and downs in life.
Life of a women is full of mental and physical stress like menstruation, pregnancy. On ‘Ear to Hear’ Dr. Madhvi Borse and all the empowered women discusses all these problems openly and encourage other women to cross the society barrier and rise above all with the hidden talent that they inhibit. She has been encouraging women for what kind of life a woman of the 21st century should lead,
Through numerous webinars and years of experience she has gained self confidence and belief that a women from any caste, age, place, religion can be self sufficient if she recognizes her hidden talent and work on it.
Dr. Madhvi’s contribution to the women’s society is invaluable and appreciable.
Her thinking is very commendable, she says that “The busiest life is the happiest life ever”. According to her, it is very important to be busy in life to be happy in life.  She is absolutely right to say that work keeps a person busy and away from mental stress.  She is working on social issues in society along with teaching children,
In today’s era, all women should be inspired by her and discuss every problem related to them openly and come to a solution, to lead a better life.
Dr. Madhvi Borse has been working tirelessly and continuously to achieve her goal.
Noticing her incredible contribution to the society, Ms. Richa Mehta Founder of ‘Ear to Hear’ has ensured Dr. Madhvi Borse to the post of National Advisor (India) of ‘Ear to Hear’.
Ms. Richa Mehta, Founder has launched a beautiful social initiative named ‘Ear to Hear’ on 1st January 2021, it is a social platform that engages with women from different walks of life to discuss and share issues affecting mental health.
Accoridng to her mental health is a top priority especially for women, to bring a positive change in the lives of women, and to have a purposeful dream and ambition in the eyes.
A women has too many responsibilities at once, she has to be efficient with work along with balancing the household, which leads to mental and physical stress. She encourages women to be strong and confident and tells how to deal with with all the problems that a women faces in everyday life.
Ms. Richa Mehta is a well known name as Page 3 Celebrity.  She is a multi-dimensional personality who has made an impact in the field of Modelling, Entrepreneurship and is also an actor with top notch TVC and Digital commercials.
 ‘Ear to Hear’ has a core team of 30+ members. Since 6 months ‘Ear to Hear’ has catered around 1000+ attendees through both offline and online sessions.
Women from different walks of life, who are connected with online and offline sessions,
attendant’s felt comfortable, supported and confident after attending a session, some concluded it as ‘life changing session’
This platform helps society in a number of ways some of them are listed below-
1. Issues that affect a woman’s mental health, voice for her concern, and well-being.
2. Engage and enable every woman to address mental health issues through a support group that includes a team of state ambassadors, regional leaders and other experts.  It involves learning and overcoming challenges affecting mental health through various pedagogical methods.
3. If further assistance is required related to legal advice or psychological counseling, the team also refers them to experts.
It is easy to come up with a solution when we learn to discuss the problems that a women goes through be it mental or physical.
Our target is to reach all 28 states.
Join us in this initiative by mailing us at [email protected] and let us all together aim to make it a happier place for all of us, to grow together.

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