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PME Leisure PVT LTD brings new talent to the show Persona King & Queen 2021 – What are you waiting for come and grab the opportunity & wins the cash prize Rs.6,00,000

Kolkata: 13 August. PME LESIURE PVT. With an aim to enhance women empowerment and bring common girls and women into the glamour world on a bigger platform PME LEISURE PVT LTD (Persona Media Entertainment) and Sneh Film Entertainment is organizing the classic “Persona King and Queen 2021” contest, whose semi finale and grand finale is going to be held at “Hotel Hindustan International” (HHI) at center of the city of Kolkata.
       The city of Kolkata has always been channeled as the symbol of thriving happiness, sweets, monuments and known for its modern culture. We are coming once again with new faces, costumes and a new epitome of beauty making the barriers of age, height, weight & complexion. Its a big achievement for the company to announce such a huge event in the times of Covid- 19. In such a huge pandemic, we not only organised our show i.e. “Diversity Fashion Week 2021” . Our last event was also a huge success and for achieving such success and gaining the love of peoples of kolkata, we are giving opportunity again to youth faces and models- We are here again with a bang “ The Beauty Pageant Contest”.
     Through this fashion show, such faces will be chosen from India who will be known in the country as Persona Miss India, Persona Mr. India, and Persona Mrs. India. Usually, only big people are able to participate in fashion shows, but Persona Media and Sneh Film Productions has invited applicants through online registration to bring talent from the streets of every city to the global platform. The registration charge is only Rs 2000/-, apart from this, no charge will be taken, usually lakhs of rupees are taken in the name of grooming charges in such shows, but Persona Media Entertainment is not taking any such charge. Not only this, for those participants who have difficulty in going out from small towns they can also get the opportunity.More than 29 cities have online as well as offline auditions including Patna, Ranchi, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Shimla, Chandigarh, Surat, Dharamsala, Jalandhar, Mandi, Solan, Amritsar, Bangalore, Jamshedpur, Ajmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Lucknow, Goa and Dehradun, where a decisive selection is being made to the talented participants. Such participants selected from across the country will be selected for the semi-final and final round which is to be held in Kolkata where the  Persona Mr. India, Persona Miss India and Persona Mrs. India will be selected. The winner will receive Rs 6 lakh in cash along with 5000 gift hampers and the finalists will get the opportunity in film shoots, video shoots, garment shoots, calendar shoots, fashion shows and many more projects. The fashion show is being organized by Mr. Lekhraj Aman(Founder) Persona Media Entertainment, C.M.D. Manish Singh (M.D) Vikash Ranjan, Director Santosh Kumar, Dr. Amrita Maiti, and Rahul Gupta. Lekhraj has been working as director, producer in Bollywood for the last 15 years, Dr. Amrita Maiti and Rahul Gupta addressed today’s press conference and told that participants from about 700 cities of India including Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh through registration will be invited who can fill the online form, after that semi final and grand finale will took place.
                  The grand finale in which 3 shining stars of Bollywood will also participate, this time this show has been kept in Kolkata because it is expected that talent will emerge from “ The City of Joy”. Women have been empowered under the rule of Ms. Mamata Banerjee government, but in the field of fashion, it is expected that the participation of women should be made vast. Ankit Sharma and  Mohit Sharma, owner of Kolkata’s program coordinator, said that many girls and women are participating enthusiastically, which is a very positive step, in today’s press conference Arbaj Gayen, Supriya Kumari Kasaudhan, Pooja kumari , Ritika Dey, Adarsh Jaiswal,Abhishek Raj, Rashmi Singh under whose supervision this entire event is being held..!!
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