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Debi following her dream to an International Pageant

Debi has started to join entertainment industry when she was 13 years old by doing acting theatre, Pageantry and modelling for fashion shows. She also has graduated for Big Data for Business and currently working as Coach SME for Covalen at Facebook. She has worked in various departments which motivates her to open up her own business. Her business will launch very soon and she’ll update us when the time comes.
She’s also struggling with her health as she’s been diagnosed for Rheumatoid Arthtritis (RA) and Cerebral Venous Thrombosis (CVT). But she has fought this and able to do her daily activity and hobbies includding modelling. She’s strong due to all the support from her family and close friends. She said “One thing I’d like to say is that no matter what happens in your life, god has a better plan. I won’t get mad to god for giving me this illness, I know he wants to teach me how to be patient, strong and be able to motivate others. So what I’m saying now is that, there’s always a good reason behind everything. For sure, happiness will always cure every illness. So keep smiling, surround yourself with positive supportive people and be happy.”.
– She was awarded for Miss Photogenic Ultimate Beauty of The World representing Indonesia in Miss Ultimate Beauty of the World 2016.
– She has won the title as Miss Sunrise International 2016 and raise Diabeter Awareness in Lagos, Africa.
– She was chosen to compete in Miss Carnival 2016.
– She compete in Diva Next Door 2017.
– She competed in Miss Intercontinental Ireland and came Top 10.
– She was chosen to model 2 brands BIBA and Urban Decay in House of Fraser Dundrum back in 2017.
– She was chosen as Top 5 Miss Teen Ireland 2019 and won 3rd place.
– She won 1st runner up for Miss Elegance of The World Ireland 2021 which she will be competing for the Final in Blackpool next year March 2022.
– What is your name?
My name is Debi Mawadah, people like to call me Debz, Debby, or Deborah
– Where you come from?
I am originally from Indonesia.
– Where do you live?
I live in Dublin, Ireland. Been living here since I was 8 years old back in 2005.
– What do you do?
I work as Coach SME for Covalen at Facebook.
– Are you married or not?
I am not married, still live with my family.
– Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes, I do have a boyfriend and he’s very supportive with my work and hobbies.
– Have you lived anywhere else before?
No, I have always been living in Ireland after I moved from Indonesia.
– Do you participate a lot for Fashion show and Pageant?
Yes, I always participate in fashion shows and pageant as it’s my hobby and most of them are for charity. I have the opportunity to help out others by collecting supports.
When I won the title as Miss Sunrise International 2016, I had to travel to Lagos, Africa with the Sunrise team and doctors in aid to promote and support Diabetes Awareness.
I myself, had the responsibility to attend many events and promote Diabetes Awareness, help out in the clinic and encourage everyone to be confident and proud of who they are.
– Who’s your mentor in life?
I would say that my mom is my mentor as she taught me all the things that I need to know. She encourages me all the time and push me to move forward when I felt not fit in.
– What message would you like to deliver to everyone?
I would definitely say that to not be afraid of going after your dream and taking every opportunity because the more you challenge, the more you’ll grow.
– Tell me why you join Pageantry?
I started joining Pageantry because I’m passionate and so driven . It’s my goal to inspire people from around the world, to believe in themselve, and to follow their wildest dreams no matter what those dreams are. I want to work, to bring equality towards men and women and it’s time to step up into power women all over the world.
– What are you excited about right now?
I’m very excited to see my Pageant friends and compete the Final of Miss Elegance of The Wolrd in Blackpool, March 2022. It has been my dream to be able to go through an International Pageant. If I won next year, I will have to travel to Florida and compete in Miss Global.
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