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Vasundhara Blessing Foundation (VBFT) Organized Corporate Summit on Leadership & Governance on Gandhi Jyanti 2nd October, 2021

Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava & Gandhi Jayanti Special


Behind all good leadership is good governance

Vasundhara Blessing Foundation (VBFT) vision is to create Visionary Global Leadership through CSR & SDG .VBFT is a dedicated organization to promote CSR & SDG .Organization putting a lot of efforts to create awareness in corporate, social entrepreneurs and society people about the benefits of sustainability. Dr. Sunita Pachar CEO of VBFT told that their organization organizing world summit, workshops and seminars on CSR & SDGs for creating a better understanding about CSR & SDG relevance for better growth of the country. New inclusive approach of community development is required to achieve UNSDGs 2030.

Mr. Samar Mahapatra Sr. Advisory member VBFT mentioned that Corporate Governance is a must for the sustenance of the organization and the Planet. All corporate have to be good corporate citizens. Ethical and value based organizations automatically are great organizations in corporate Governance. The future is of ethical and socially responsible organizations. What we produce becomes less important than whether you are environmentally and socially compliant. Leadership for corporate Governance has huge opportunity in India since most organizations in the country are under the scanner for lack of corporate Governance at some time or the other.

Dr. Sunita Pachar CEO VBFT

VBFT Organization is trying to build synergy between govt., corporate sector and NGOs .It is focusing on Responsible Sustainable business practices implementation for betterment of the country .VBFT have initiated CSR & SDG strategic model implementation trainings for corporate & social sector . Corporate summit was A VBFT initiative towards unlocking Partnership Potential towards scaling up SDGs objectives and Sustainability agenda as part of 75 Years of India Independence Celebrations towards an Atma Nirbhar Bharat on special occasion of Gandhi Jyanti.

Dr Mona Nargolwala Senior Advisory member VBFT said innnnovations, Contributions and Leadership is called from the Educational Institutions particularly Universities, Colleges, Schools, Academia and Research & Development Organizations. Mainstreaming Sustainability Agenda in Education to promote and address social and environmental challenges with Sustainable Long term Initiatives and solutions .She focused on Community Outreach Initiatives, Research & Development, and Innovations & Experimentation & Live & Experiential Learning to Young Learners. Govt, Corporate sector and civil society initiatives as a Vital Stakeholder with huge potential to contribute in areas of UNSDGs Awareness & Training & Capacity Building.

K.K. Upadhyay, Chairperson, Centre for Sustainability & CSR Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) Addressed on the occasion said “Gandhi ji taught us that how should one conduct themselves. If we want to change the world, first we have to start with ourselves; let’s understand what sustainability is all about. As thought leaders, we have to be practical and align with the corporate to work together and find solutions because there are many problems. We have to solve the problem in a time-bound working manner”.

Dr. Paresh Sheth, CEO Indus1advantage (M&A advisory), Director CASI New York mentioned that “We are not entitled to things which we own, we are the caretakers of it, we need to necessarily leave behind some of equal or more than what we got that in our life, that’s a trusteeship, as taught by Mahatma Gandhi, that’s needed to be embedded governance at every corporate, in every leader and in every citizen which will lead us towards good governance.”

Rusen Kumar Founder of India CSR Network ( ) a leading network for corporate responsibility and sustainability in India. He has established various national and international forums on CSR, Sustainability and Social Issues. He discussed about our main focus should be on reviewing the aspiration, assumptions, and priorities of the members to have a good relationship with managers. The leaders should engage with directors in corporate governance. The board members or directors should work with innovative ideas for the future with sustainable development. We must adapt to change for the development as a leader in corporate governance because there should be a purpose of alignment during the time of translation and transformation”

Charudatta Pande CEO, Groples Solutions Private Limited  focused on digital issues he mentioned Digitalization has helped companies operate during challenging times. It has helped companies Drive Corporate Governance remotely. The companies need to invest in security and training to ensure that Digitalization strengthens the reporting and monitoring”

Dr.Swati Padoshi Advisor TWARAN, Certified Corporate Director (IOD), focused that we need to create a movement which believes in CSR by creating a community. Community partnership can become third vertical of CSR where there is corporate, the people getting the benefit of CSR and us the community, to make it more sustainable and more inclusive. We must bring CSR in our Neurological level, a part of our goal so that we make a CSR community for the betterment of Corporate Governance.

Shikha Gupta, HR Leader, Executive Certified D & I, Global Speaker, TED Circles Host President-WICCI Karnataka HR Council Chapter Head said Governance is all about people, purpose, process & performance. The key is to attract the right set of leaders for our organization. It’s the role of HR to hire the right people with the right mindset for good corporate governance. Leaders are the people who drive the organization in terms of vision, mission, strategy, and direction that is the key role which HR has to play while hiring personnel.

Esther Niharika Clifton, All – Maharashtra State President – Education Policy, Mindset Transformation Coach, Empowering Youth & Women to create breakthrough elaborate corporate government is concerned with holding the balance between economic and social goals and between individual and communal goals. The government framework is there to encourage the efficient use of resources and equally to require accountability for the stewardship of those resources. The aim is to align as nearly as nearly as possible the interests of individuals, corporation and society.”

Gauri Das  HR Leader/ TEDx speaker/ Possibilitarian put her view point that  HR plays an important role in corporate governance. HR is involved in the corporate governance in multiple areas like selecting the right  leaders, designing of benefits and incentives, structuring of control systems and guiding leaders in setting the right culture. In their own area, green HRM sets  the right example .HR plays an important role in corporate governance.

Mahatma Gandhi’s life and work as a transformational leader offers inspiration and guidance to the modern and aspiring business leaders in building and leading ethical and profitable enterprises with high levels of corporate governance .The relevance of Gandhian thought on responsibilities towards society at large has great value in today’s world.Trusteeship, Truth and exploring their linkages to corporate stewardship, accountability, transparency and communication were the most important Gandhian themes and VBFT is glad to honoured  leaders who are living by these in today’s world.

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