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Smily Mukta G. Honoured By “Pridde India Events” as “International Celebrity Guest

Pride India Events recently honoured Smily Mukta G. as International Celebrity Icon at Delhi’s Lajpat Bhawan. The Award was received by the Digital Marketer of the company Ms.Bhavna Singh.
Smily Mukta is the founder of #1 Natural Beauty and She is a World renowned global Green icon |
Passionpreneur | Coach | ( International  Motivational speaker – Natural Healthy Lifestyle  )
| Go Green Initiative Leader |  Aromatherapist |
| Trainer | (Mentor – Personality Leadership)..Woman of Substance with Dynamic Personality .
Well Known as
“GLOBAL Green ICON ” With Multiple Global Awards as Green Initiative Leader/Positive Role Model/ Top Women Entrepreneur , 100 Inspirational Women, Global Glory Icon. Best Green Initiative Leader,
Top Women n Bzns, Women’s World Record, Intl Women Icon 2021 to name a the list goes on…..with Many Humanitarian & Global Peace Award as well .
Meet  SmilyMukta G,
An Indian Born Plant Biologist, Based in Dallas,, USA , an Ex Corporate over 12 years as Corporate Bzns Trainer plugged in her Childhood Passion as Nature Lover.following Nature Path & influenced by Ayurvedic Heritage starting own “Green Beautyline” #1NaturalBeauty Customised Skin & Hair Products , a Self Driven Micro Unit
Aiming Community Benefits to provide an alternative to all synthetic Products & FOCUS on Continuous Mission to Encourage pple worldwide to Go Green & Introducing Natural Products with a Vision to Create a Natural World away from all Synthetics. Stand to Inspire All to Rise & Shine through her Inspirational Journey staying Positive & believe in herself leading a Successful Entrepreneur today …from Go Green Passionpreneur to Global Green Icon.
Her Continuous Effort “Bringing Nature Back to our Modern Busy Lifestyle” .&
 Passion in Protecting Mother Earth.Environmental Encouraging people to plant more trees to Add Oxygen & Carbon sequestration, increase recycling.
Try to make a Better Future for Everyone to live Healthy Lifestyle Naturally🌿.
She Personally Believe that there’s no need of any Synthetic Products when Nature has given us in abundance in most purest Form. But we all are obsessed to run after marketing gimmicks product knowingly damaging ourself, hence her focus is to Keep Encouraging people standing herself as a Role Model Believing ” Natural Beauty is the Best Make up for lifetime to cherish n decades”
Connect with her :
+1 (940) 315-0509
Instagram – @smilymukta
facebook –

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