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Dr. Madhvi Borse honoured with award, certificate and medal for enhancing English communication.

 Dr. Madhvi Borse has been teaching students for the last 8 years, mostly women!  She has foregrounded education in different Multitudes and best way where children adults and senior citizens can study in an exciting way.  She is working as a Mentor  for all the womenfolks  in the society.  She is a lively person.  Her methods of teaching are most different and exciting, where nowadays children entertain themselves with bollywood and Hollywood songs.  Dr. Madhvi Borse has included the tune of songs in her method of teaching, she teaches English in creative ways.  Through dance, action, activities, drama, acting, in all these ways, she makes studies very  interesting which makes the way of studying very easy.  Her best method is PhD research frame work, it engages body and mind of the students.  In the same way, she has taught many children and elders to speak in English and she is still teaching tremendously!  She has also been awarded with many national and international awards, medals, world records and doctorates.  She has been interviewed not only on radio but also on TV , magazines and newspapers, her story is so inspiring and it  has also appeared in many national and international magazines!
 She is imbibed with lot of techniques for teaching students  in multifaceted ways such as  rapping, making poems, writing articles, she is a sound academician. She believes that if you completely engage your life in your passion, humanity, and routine, you can be very happy!
 Dr. Madhvi Borse is working as an example for the youth in the society.
 Her dream is one day every person wish to study, that’s why she is trying to bring easy techniques, and everyone should get equal status in the society, irrespective of caste or religion.  Yes, or of any gender!  In a recent webinar conducted by a well-known platform, Taru Fine Arts, she has explained how to enhance English communication and how to make teaching methodology innovative!
 Dr. Santhi Saravanan, Director of Taru Fine Arts, a professional artist for over 2 decades, she now holds key positions in various arts organization’s, and Director Mr. S. Saravanan has honoured Dr. Madhvi Borse with award, certificate and medal!
 Dr. Madhvi Borse (Founder of Edutainment Spoken English and Smart Classes), an educationist, soft skills trainer, international speaker, PD mentor, professional online English coach, motivational speaker, writer, daughter, State President of Rajasthan in Beti Ek Lakshya foundation, National secretary of NCWDC , Social Activist, Chief Director of IDYM Rajasthan, Honorary and Peace Ambassador, National Advisor of “ear to hear”, her entire team, Social Activist, Motivational Speaker and famous author Dr. Vikram Chaurasia, Family members, Father Mr. Valmik  Borse and mother Mrs. Lata Borse and her students wish her the best of luck for the future!

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