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LA Global Foundation Founder Success Story

I am the Founder President and CEO a National Level /Global level NGO set up by me in 2020 to realize my childhood dream of giving Back to the society.
Alleviating Poverty and Providing Better life opportunities to the underpriviledged and Marginalised has been a mission which took shape early in my life.Among various other development issues,Working for Women’s Empowerment is close my heart as I hold a vision of an equal society where people live in dignity and security and have equal opportunities in all walks of life.My professional journey has taken me through an enriching experience ,From being an Evangelist to a successful Entrepreneur ,Before venturing into social service and Setting up an NGO.Moved by the development need at the Grassroots,Multi sectoral development Initiatives in CSR domain and government welfare schemes have been taken .
Owing to my experience and learning through research and Enterprise ,I could inculcate commitment and dedication as Hallmarks of the organisation and integrated the use of technology to being Transparency through information sharing sound policies and governance systems.Put in place have translated into the success and goodwill that LAGF enjoys at present.As I mentioned Global level recognition and working for sustainable development goals  that is United Nations remains a Beacon for all Humanity.The United Nations defends human rights for all,regardless of Race,Religion,Nationality,Gender or sexual orientation.
The United Nations works for the entire human family of seven billion people and cares for the earth,our one and only home
Our Shared duty is to” Unite our strength” to serve “We the Peoples”
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