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Rachanaa Jain Launching New Movie Lady Trillion

  About Rachanaa Jain

WOW Magazine is one of the many platforms under WOW Group founded by CEO Rachanaa Jain. Rachanaa not only heads WOW Group, which includes WOW Pageants, WOW Online, WOW Awards and many more. She is also founder of Devine Messages and author of ‘Awake Your Dreams, Stop Procrastinating! Start Achieving!’ She is also a holistic coach, who has helped many through her coaching, book and her many speaking events.

Rachanaa is not just a holistic coach helping people achieve their dreams but she’s also a pageant coach, guiding new comer into the pageant world and helping them achieve their dreams. Rachanaa is also a pageant organiser with a book on pageantry titled Sovereign: 8 steps to winning Pageants. She won the crown for Mrs Asia International Popularity 2017 and was second runner up Mrs Asia International 2017, where she represented United Kingdom at the grande finale of Mrs Asia International held at Hengdian Studios, China in November 2017.

Rachanaa is a firm believer in sharing positivity and light and believes ‘the key to living is giving’, which is why 5% of all proceeding from her book is donated to Give India, whose aim is to help the underprivileged and promote equality for the disabled in India.

She is also debuting as an actress in her debut film Lady Trillion which will soon be released for viewing.

About WOW Magazine


At WOW Magazine, our aim is to provide our readers with thought provoking relevant features, interesting stories and interviews to inspire and empower them.

We believe that our readers should be stimulated and positively impacted by the stories they read, that is why we feature inspirational people, from all walks of life, from small business owners to writers and even fashion designers, who share their motivating stories and encourage our readers.

We have seen our Magazine grow steadily, with more clients seeing the benefits of featuring with us.

Our Magazines are released monthly online and is uploaded on Magzter and Readly. We share the same platform as Vogue and Esquire magazine, with a 28 million audience reach in the UK alone and 50 million internationally.

Not only does WOW magazine provide our readers with inspirational stories, we also give businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote their business and take it from local to global.

Wether you are featuring in a story with us or just advertising with us, WOW Magazine provides our client with the best service. We believe each client is unique and

CEO, reiki guru, life coach, pageant queen, Rachanaa Jain is a woman with many titles to her name and now she is adding actor and filmmaker to her list.

Rachanaa Jain will be debuting in her new film Lady Trillion, in which she portrays Victoria, an alien who flees her planet after an enemy attack and lands on earth. On earth Victoria will make new friends and experience life as an earthling.

Victoria’s comfy life is then disrupted by coronavirus  and she decides to use her alien powers to do the best she can to help those in need.

Rachanaa spreads her belief of sending positivity and light, through her film as she tackles real life issues, she wants her audience to take away the message that good will always win over evil.

In the making of Lady Trillion Rachanaa has travelled to multiple locations, from France to India and even the channel islands. She has also been working hard in studios incorporating music and animation into her upcoming film

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