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Amrit Pal named herself Jasmine Pal in the world of fashion

I don’t know why but I never liked my name so I named myself Jasmine Pal in fashion world but in reality my name is Amrit Pal as per document.

I am sikh girl born in Bangalore and spent my childhood in Delhi, Nepal, Dehradun, Mussoorie later returned to Bangalore for further studies and safety. Bangalore is the best in everything..from education to weather to safety to opportunities. I must say coming back to Bangalore was one of my parents’ best decision as my great life started from my city.
My parents Surya Pratap Singh and Avinash Kaur are currently running animals shelter wonderfully. We didn’t have easy life though. We struggled a lot to meet our requirements. I became independent at the age of 17 by becoming a teacher. I was the youngest teacher. Worked hard and studied together at the same time as well I took complete responsibility of household. After 6 years in teaching I joined for graduation in Garden City University, Bangalore. It was the big decision as we could not afford the fees but with all my hardwork I managed to handle successfully.
I must say I was quite older when I joined for graduation than all of my classmates. Due to responsibility back at home I could not join for graduation early. But I believe education has no age limits. With all my struggles, ups and downs I managed to graduate. 2016 was the worst year ever.. My so called friends left me because I had no money and they thought I am burden. The person I loved ditched me because he thought I am not rich and pretty enough for him. I was devastated by people’s heartless behavior. I had no emotional and financial support from no one.
I was all alone so I had suicidal depression for years. But God saved me whenever I tried. I realized God has different plans for me so I kept myself strong and joined fashion world hoping for the best life. I focused on modeling career and I managed to make money, got back to the better position in my life. Now am travelling around the world. I travel solo most of the times. Fulfilling my bucket lists. I enjoy my life very well. People sees me as an inspiration. They have seen me growing up from zero. My old buddies wants to connect with me. . But I keep my self respect in a top priority now. My family are proud of me and support me now. I am currently pursuing MBA at Garden City University.
I have won many beauty pageants back to back. I won Miss Bengaluru title, Miss Karnataka, Miss India Elegant title with subtitles Miss Popular 2019, Miss Glamorous 2019. I have been chosen as a best model of the month by news paper and magazines. My story and achievements are published in a Lifestyle Magazine. I am a state director for entertainment company. I have done 3 south Indian movies so far. Worked for TV9 channel as a model for their shows. I have done numerous photoshoots, Calendar Shoots, Ramp walks and more. I was a judge for Miss & Misses Bengaluru 2020 beauty pageant. I have recently done a cover pic shoot for a reputated magazine. I am 100 times better than how I was few years ago. I realized my value, my potential and importance of gifted life. I have many more dreams to achieve. I would say this is just the beginning for now.
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